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NSW Demons at The Sporting Globe, King Street Wharf, Sydney

Join us at the The Sporting Globe to watch Melbourne matches on the big screen.
Watch the footy and enjoy good food, good company and plenty of red and blue!
Link your MFC membership to the Sporting Globe app for 20% discounts and deals specific to MFC.

The Sporting Globe is hosting the NSW Demons at their King St Wharf venue for every game this season.

Getting there
Located at Darling Harbour just around the corner from Erskine Street and Lime Street
Parking – book online at Wilson Parking at 383 Kent Street for $12 week nights. 5 minutes walk to the globe!
Train – from Wynyard walk down Erskine Street to Darling Harbour, or follow the Wynyard Walk from Clarence Street.
Bus – 252 – from Gladesville via North Sydney to King St Wharf

The Sporting Globe – 22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf, Sydney

See you there!



Matthew Jefferson – our NSW Demons sponsored player in 2024

Join the NSW Demons in sponsoring our next generation key forward Matthew Jefferson in 2024. Our sponsorship gives us the chance to support an exciting young player who we hope will be a key player in our forward line for the next decade.


Not to mention the sponsorship also gives us access to a range of benefits including exclusive events, Matthew’s signed jumper and player updates from the coaches.

The benefits to be shared by NSW Dees sponsorship members during the season include:

• Two invitations to attend an event with players during the 2024 season
• Two tickets to attend a club match day function at an MCG home game
• Two tickets to attend the Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy Dinner
• Matthew’s signed home jumper
• Preferential selection for a child in your family to go into the MFC Guard of Honour at the MCG

Most importantly you are directly supporting Matthew in his development at the Dees.

Join the sponsorship and support Matthew and the Dees in 2024.


** – The sponsorship will cost the NSW Dees $2,995 to sponsor Matthew and support the Melbourne Football Club in 2024.
** – Each $50 share you buy is a vital a part of this contribution and enables the NSW Dees to continue to sponsor Matthew and support the MFC.

Go Dees



Ronald Dale Barassi – the greatest of them all.

Nigel Dawe

“O Captain! My Captain! rise up and hear the bells; Rise up – for you the flag is flung – for you the bugle trills… For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning; … The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done, From fearful trip the victor ship comes in with object won.” (Walt Whitman)

FEW people from any era, the world over, ever attain the status of icon, let alone ever becoming synonymous with their chosen, albeit God-given talent for a vocation they come to define, altering its entire landscape through their deeds in such a way that it is never the same again.

Bradman was one, Einstein another; individuals that represent the unsurpassable pinnacle of some given branch of human endeavour. In our code of football, none encapsulate the essence, soul or mythical substance of the game itself at the highest level more than Ronald Dale Barassi Jr.

Everything about this legendary figure reads like a tale of fantastically crafted fiction; from living under the same roof as the equally immortal Norm Smith, to playing and starring in six premierships for the club (a period uneclipsed by any other side in all of the sport’s history) to wholly embodying the tenacity, grit and commitment it takes to reach the top in a sport that plays no favourites, let alone bless a player in such a way as it did our ultimate strong heeled General – Ron Barassi.

Wearing the same number (31) as his war hero and premiership winning father; ….Read More

RDB in full flight      What a mark!   




Welcome Matthew Jefferson and Beyond Bank in 2023

Sally Trevena

Welcome to 2023 and we are delighted to announce Matthew Jefferson as our sponsored player and Beyond Bank as a NSW Demons supporter.

We are also very excited to welcome Beyond Bank to the NSW Demons.



Spring has sprung… Melbourne Demons are the AFLW Premiers!

Nigel Dawe

Watching, and then trying to convey something about a team winning a grand final at any level, let alone your own team’s inaugural premiership, at the most elite level – is like seeing a pinata torn wide open from a great height, and then trying to determine which goodie you want to find and explain first.

Well, after seven seasons the AFLW crown has finally gone to the Daisy Pearce-led Melbourne Demons, at a location that few of us had even heard of little more than a fortnight ago… but one now, that none of us will ever forget – Springfield. Read more



The Cup in Sydney

THE DEMONS’ Cup Tour made its way up the highway to Sydney for the NSW Demons to celebrate the premiership win.

Melbourne supporters got up close and personal with the 2021 AFL premiership cup in Sydney on Wednesday 8 December at the Camelia Hotel in Alexandria.



Great to see the colours appearing all over NSW!

More photos

Premiership #13

Nigel Dawe

FOR someone who has spent pretty much their entire life putting pen to paper, trawling facts, and following the same football team; I don’t think I’ve ever had a more delightful conundrum, than the one regarding how I should best kick off this Melbourne Demons ‘premiership-winning’ segment.

Initially, I thought I’d lead with cloud 9, then I considered seventh heaven to be more apt, but I’ve decided to go with, albeit bask in the given – how about – Premiership #13… for the team we love, the team of the red and the blue!

For countless years, I’ve imagined how seeing and savouring a Dees premiership would feel, having seen so many other clubs ‘go all the way’ and break their respective droughts… to now be able to say, that I have finally seen us win ‘the big dance’, I have to further say – it was more sublime, unbelievable and transporting than anything I could have ever remotelyAbove all, it’s not that we did it, it was ‘the way’ we did it, to come from 19 points down halfway through the ‘premiership quarter’ to finally win by 74 points (the eighth biggest win in grand final history) by booting 16 of the last 17 goals, was the most emphatic and enjoyable way to end our 57-year premiership drought.  Read more


Premiers 2021

NSW Demons Big Screen venue

​​The Kirribilli Club is the official home of the NSW Demons. 

Sponsoring Matthew and Olivia

We are delighted to announce that we are sponsoring Matthew Jefferson and Olivia Purcell in 2023.

Join us in sponsoring Matthew and Olivia and our Premiership teams.

Read more here

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