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The NSW Demons were established in 1997.  We are MFC supporters who live in Sydney and continue to support ‘The Grand Old Flag’.


In 2000 we established a tradition of Melbourne playing Sydney in Sydney.  In 2003 we built on the tradition of Melbourne playing Sydney in Sydney with the promotion of Melbourne v Sydney Anzac Day clash as a marquee game at the SCG.  The game was played for the Barassi Cup and emphasized the Melbourne v Sydney rivalry, the Anzac theme and the Barassi connection with both Anzac Day and the Melbourne and Sydney Football Clubs.

This theme continued until 2007 when the traditional Melbourne v Sydney Anzac Day clash at the SCG was removed by the AFL from the fixture in 2008 and in each subsequent year.


The NSW Demons, along with the WA Demons, have a history of the biggest attendance at the actual match and match day functions and other events of all the MFC interstate supporter groups.  Every year from 1998 to 2007 we held events that drew up to 300 people.

Match Day Functions

Pre Match and Post Match functions were held from 1998 through to 2007.  An After Match was held every year from 1998 (except 1999 when there was no game in Sydney) to 2007 at various locations and consistently attracted between 250 and 300 participants each year.

Legends Dinner

Between 1999 and 2005 the NSW Demons held seven MFC Legends Dinners in Sydney with Robert Flower, Jim Stynes, Todd Viney, Don Cordner, Stan Alves, Noel McMahen and David Schwarz all providing a wonderful night on each occasion.  They talked about their experiences at the club and their current feelings about the MFC to an audience of between 70 to 100 enthusiastic Melbourne supporters.

The MFC President and CEO attended every dinner from 2000 to 2005.  We successfully raised money for the MFC at each of the dinners ranging from $1,000 in 1999 to $4,000 in 2001 and $3,000 at the most recent dinner in 2005.

An evening with Daisy Pearce

Star-struck young girls and boys were among an enthusiastic crowd of Melbourne Football Club fans who came to see Daisy Pearce talk about life, the universe and the AFL Women’s Comp last Thursday night at the Pullman Quay Grand on Sydney Harbour. Despite the classic Sydney views visible from the hotel reception room’s windows, all eyes were on Daisy as the iconic Sydney ferries sailed by ignored.

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