Round 18: Melbourne v Brisbane

July 30, 2010 by
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The pivotal question is can our own Andrew Lloyd Webber in Dean Bailey produce another hit musical this week up north at the Gabba?  History says no but form is definitely on our side.  A loss this week will create our own version of ‘Les Mis’ but I am confident our boys will be switched on and create another Broadway hit musical for us long suffering Dees fanatics.

Only one change this week with the Captain returning after a number of weeks out with injury.  The unfortunate player to miss out this week is Addam Maric who performed well last week on his return to the AFL after a long stint at Casey.

The team

Melbourne team
B: Colin Garland, Jared Rivers, Clint Bartram
HB: Cameron Bruce, James Frawley, Joel Macdonald
C: Rohan Bail, James McDonald, Brad Green
HF: Lynden Dunn, Jack Watts, Tom Scully
F: Jamie Bennell, Paul Johnson, Austin Wonaeamirri
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Colin Sylvia Aaron Davey
I/C: Jordie McKenzie, Cale Morton, Nathan Jones, Liam Jurrah

Emg: Jack Trengove, Addam Maric, Matthew Warnock

In: McDonald
Out: Maric


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