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Welcome to season 2012 – finally!

Despite a grim start to the year the NSW Demons have a lot to look forward to in 2012 starting with the first game on at 1.45 pm this Saturday.

Melbourne v Brisbane

 Three new players will run out for the first time for the Dees this weekend – Mitch Clark, James Magner and Josh Tynan.  Former Brisbane player Mitch Clark will make his debut for the Demons, along with mature age rookie James Magner, and 18 year-old newcomer, Josh Tynan.  Two other players new to the club have been named as emergencies.  Rookie Tom Couch has been upgraded to the senior list (for Neville Jetta) and has been named as an emergency along with former Adelaide player James Sellar.
Co-captains Jack Grimes and Jack Trengove will lead the team together for the first time.
The team
B: Joel Macdonald, James Frawley, Clint Bartram
HB: Rohan Bail, Jared Rivers, Colin Garland
C: Jack Watts, Jack Grimes, Nathan Jones
HF: Jack Trengove, Brad Green, Jeremy Howe
F: Aaron Davey, Mitch Clark, Stef Martin
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Brent Moloney, Jamer Magner
I/C: Matthew Bate, Jordie McKenzie, Sam Blease, Josh Tynan
EMG: Lynden Dunn, Tom Couch, James Sellar  

Melbourne v Brisbane Live on the Big Screen at 1.45pm on Saturday 31 March
Join the NSW Demons to watch the game at the Camelia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Rd, Alexandria. Ph: 02 9516 5611. Check out and for more information.
Enjoy the weekend and Go Dees!


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