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This week
I am swapping the cosy comfort of the Cammy for the exciting atmosphere at the MCG and the hospitality of the President’s lunch to watch Melbourne play Gold Coast on Sunday afternoon. A number of NSW Demons are going to the “G” this weekend to also enjoy the conviviality of the Presidents lunch, speeches and entertainment. We will no doubt be updated on the new $6 million sponsorship by EnergyWatch and other plans for 2012.

This week the Dees welcome back Neville Jetta and Tom McNamara into the team along with Luke Tapscott who returns after one week out with injury. Both Jetta and McNamara have been selected after starring in the midfield for Casey over the past few weeks. This will be Tommy Mac’s first game since 2009 and he will add an extra and welcome dimension to our midfield. In other selection news Tom McDonald, chosen at No. 53 in last year’s draft, has been named for his first AFL match. Tom has been playing consistently well all year for Casey and thoroughly deserves this opportunity.
Out of the team this week are Colin Sylvia and Aaron Davey who are suspended, Ricky Petterd who is injured and Joel Macdonald who has been omitted.

Congratulations also to Jamie Bennell, sponsored by the NSW Demons, who plays his 50th game this Sunday against the Suns at the home of the MFC. Jamie is a great young player and if you haven’t read his story before take this opportunity and read it here www.nswdemons.com (Sponsored Players)

The team
B: Colin Garland, James Frawley, Clint Bartram
HB: Luke Tapscott, Jared Rivers, Tom McDonald
C: Sam Blease, Brent Moloney, Jack Trengove
HF: Tom Scully, Stef Martin, Brad Green
F: Liam Jurrah, Jack Watts, Jamie Bennell
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Neville Jetta, Nathan Jones
I/C: Cale Morton, Jordie McKenzie, Tom McNamara, Jeremy Howe
EMG: Joel Macdonald, Jack Fitzpatrick, Daniel Nicholson
IN: Tom McNamara, Luke Tapscott, Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald
OUT: Aaron Davey (suspension), Colin Sylvia (suspension), Ricky Petterd (quadriceps), Joel Macdonald
NEW: Tom McDonald

As always enjoy the weekend and Go Dees!


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