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A special type of feeling – Darren Spence

Friday 24 August 2012

Selamat Idul Fitri!…..  That’s right it is the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the Muslims around the world are celebrating.  And it’s not just the Muslims that are jovial at present…….not only do these festivities give me 10 days off work but I also got to celebrate our beloved Demons win in Canberra on Saturday.  Yes Canberra!  A rare win away from the MCG and our fourth win for the season.

It was cold and blustery in our nations capital and, let’s be honest, the game will hardly be a feature in any ‘great games of the season’ package but I really don’t care how we win.  Some may call me crazy but I ‘think’ Melbourne will win every game we play but on the weekend I ‘expected’ us to a win.’  This type of feeling has been lost of late and originates back in a time in the late 80s and early 90s where my ‘expectation’ of a win (and indeed winning) played out more often that not.  This is a special type of feeling and one that I know we all long to experience again.  I am firmly convinced that this is on the horizon and we had some key players on the weekend who will take us there.

  • First and foremost our two co-captains. Jack Grimes continued his outstanding form of late to pick up 24 touches, 9 tackles and finished up kicking a goal.  Jack Trengove played arguably his best game for the year getting a season high 23 disposals and also managed 2 goals.
  • They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes.  Well you can add two more – in 2012 Nathan Jones will win the ‘Bluey’ and Jeremy Howe will win mark of the year.  Whilst it wasn’t Jonesey’s best game for the season, he was more than servicable clocking up 24 possessions.  Howe, on the other hand, took another hanger and finished with 3.3 goals and in my book was our best player on the day.
  • Someone who could mount a claim for our best player against the Giants is Lynden Dunn.  In what may end up being a career defining second half of the season, Dunn has been fantastic in the back line.   On Saturday he celebrated finally removing that horrible mo with a career high 28 disposals which included 10 marks.
  • Rarely does a substitute player get a mention here but rarely does a footballer come along like Jack Watts.  Coming on after half time Wattsy was smoother than Casanova’s pillow talk and picked up 15 disposals in a great comeback game.
  • Finally Joel MacDonald and Tom McDonald played solid games – Joel playing the best football in the red and blue of his career this year and well Tom, I have been glowing in his praise all season and he continues to be a great revelation.

This week it is the Crows back at the ‘G’.  In what is Brad Green’s farewell tribute game and with Adelaide smarting after their shock loss to the Lions and fighting for top spot, the match will be full of emotion.  I hope all Demon fans turn up to bid farewell to one of the Demon greats.   And by the way, I think we will win!

Darren Spence


Join the NSW Demons this Sunday to watch the game on the big screen and indulge in food from the award winning bistro at the Cammy, our AFL supporting pub. The Bistro at the Camelia Grove Hotel has won Alternative Media Group’s “Best Dinner” in Best of Sydney Awards 2012 thanks to their famous Cammy Signature Burger and more.  Come down and try one for yourself!

Enjoy the weekend and Go Dees!

Sally Trevena


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