AFLW, AFLX and a sad farewell with Mick leaving the Cammy

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AFLW – Be brave said coach Mick Stinear. They were and they won. D Pearce and Cranston were brilliant. AFLX – The “best worst premiership trophy ever”. And Mick leaves the Cammy

A message from the Cammy:

“After a very long tenure here at the Camelia Grove Hotel, everyone’s favourite bartender, Mick, is leaving us and moving forward to a new home in Queensland.

We are inviting you all as well as your supporter group members to celebrate a surprise going away party this Sunday, 18th of February from 1pm – 3pm. So if you’re free, please join us on this final occasion.

Hope to see you here,
Tracy, Jamie, Adella and everyone here at The Cammy!


 AFLW – be brave – they were and they won.

All Melbourne fans will be delighting in the emergence of the AFLW Dees. Targeted recruiting has topped off a team that went so well and so close last year. There are no gaps in a team that is playing exciting football. Each game has brought different players to the fore and highlighted the depth of skill and commitment of the team.

The first game v GWS saw the Dees start with an exploration of the game plan before dominating in the 2nd half. Be brave said coach Mick Stinear. They were and they won. D Pearce and Cranston were brilliant and were named in the AFLW team of the week as were three other Demons – Downie, Hoare and O’Dea.

Celebrating the win over GWS 

The 2nd game v Adelaide saw two of the aforementioned recruits – Jakobsson and Cunningham excelled along with Paxman, O’Dea and D Pearce. The match was highlighted by the Dees tackling pressure, their skilled movement of the ball and the multiple avenues to goal.

Recap Round 2 with Emma Race

Now we look forward to the 3rd game today v Fremantle where continuing to play bravely will deliver results and richly reward the AFLW Dees.

All the info for Round 3












AFLX – The “best worst premiership trophy ever”

Too quickly here we are again in breathless anticipation of a successful season – and how better than to start with a premiership in week one of AFLX! The “best worst premiership trophy ever” is an apt description of an eagerly sought and received piece of silverware as you can see here 

So what is to come in season 2018? Glimpses were certainly on show by the Dees in the AFLX games played – a sort of half court training drill. And for us interstaters any vision of the players training is welcome!


AFLW – Melbourne v Fremantle on the Big Screen Sunday at 6.30 pm

Join the NSW Demons to watch the Dees take on the Freo on the Big Screen at the Cammy Hotel.

See you there

Go Dees

NSW Demons
m: 0409783318


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