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From our guest reporter Darren Spence

Last week
Melbourne just has to be the best club in the league to support. With Melbourne it is like dining on one of the whopping beef burgers cooked up at Ambrosia On The Spot at Randwick. Tipping the scales at 95.5kg (and including 120 eggs to hold it together making it the largest ever created) you get the whole lot and even a bit more on the side. What other team, time and time again provides such an amalgamation of emotions from despair, hope, jubilation and disappointment all wrapped up in 2 hours of football?….No other team comes close. You know I probably would have left last weeks’ game less gutted if we lost by 10 goals. Defeated by a better team???….Yeah I can accept that (well that’s been part and parcel of supporting the Dees over the last few years) but to kick 7 goals in a row in a game and then lose……it’s just like taking Viagra… bitter pill to swallow.

When a team does kick 7 goals in a row it invariable provides some highlights so let’s look at the best of them.
• Jamie Bennell is going from strength to strength. I must say I didn’t think he was in our best 22 at the start of the year but boy has he turned me into a convert. He is now a key player in our side and his last few games have been outstanding.
• James Frawley will be an All Australian defender….May be not this year but go down to DeesBet and see what odds they give you for the next couple of years. Mark my words he is going to be a champion and a future great leader of this proud club.
• Paul Johnson. I never thought PJ had a game like this in him. He took it up to big Sandliands and more than held his own. If he can continue this form he will become a pivotal player in our side providing some valuable respite for the big Russian.
• Liam Jurrah was quiet early but was a key player during the resurgent 3rd quarter. He is only going to get better as he plays more games. Watch out for the LJ show……coming to a Demon game real soon.
• J.Mac2.0 – completely shut down Mundy in the 2nd half and still won plenty of the ball himself. He is one of the hardest workers in our team and it is obvious that the football department love this man…..I have to say there is a lot of ‘man love’ from my side too for the man in the number 13.
• Tom Scully is going to be an absolute superstar. He had a run with role with another young gun in Stephen Hill and had the better of him on the day. This can only add to his education and development in the big league. His ability to win the hard ball and run away from packs is (dare I say it?????????)…..Judd like.
• The comparative worth between Jack Watts and NicNat is now officially over. It is like asking me would I rather have a Rolls Royce or a Datsun 180B…..I would take Killer every day of the week. His second half was fantastic and he keeps on improving every game.



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