Cheer and gloating in BrisVegas…

August 4, 2010 by
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Reporter Darren Spence

Cheer and gloating in BrisVegas……Ahhh….. Brisbane the land of sun and theme parks. I must admit I was as nervous as a pubescent virgin teenager about to go past first base about this game. After all our interstate record has been as useful as financial advice from Bernard Madoff and supporting Melbourne after all these years and going into games with high expectations is ……well you know…….at times fraught with danger.

The Lions have some seriously good players and any team with Brown, Fevola, Black et al should be taken lightly at your peril. But once again we came out of the blocks like Usain Bolt and kicked away to an early lead. The only down side to the game was that we came down the home stretch like Mick Nolan! But we held the Lions at bay and came away with the valuable 4 points and kept our hopes alive that the Red and Blue may grace the field in September.

Let’s look at some highlights:
• Colin Sylvia is on fire!!……Is it just me or does he remind you of Dr. Bruce Banner now he is injury free? Yes he is the Incredible Hulk and a top shelf player to boot.
• Chip Frawley gets better and better each week…..Last week he chased down the pint sized Lewis Jetta and this week he minded Atlas!!…..Brown had as much chance of getting a kick on the big man as Paris Hilton has of being nominated for a Nobel Prize.
• What about Davey’s full on Superman imitation by flying through the square and denying the Lions’ a goal??……Is there anything this man cannot do?
• Cam Bruce took the dangerous Luke Power out of the game and picked up many possessions himself.

And there are quite a few players at the club who at the moment are without a doubt in the best form of their career.
• The Big Russian (now surely he is going to get an AA gig???…..If he doesn’t it might be me that gets an AA gig (and no my AA gig would be slightly different as my membership is not decided by the select few associated with the AFL)).
• Clint Bartram – once on the periphery of our best 22, has now made it almost impossible to be dropped.
• Brad Green – The manlove for this man grows every week.
• James Frawley and Colin Sylvia (I know I mentioned them earlier but I just wanted to write their names again).
• The young guys continue to blossom…….the two number 1 draft picks are showing why there were taken at Number 1 in the draft. Trying to choose the better player going forward seems much harder than picking who to drop this week……both enviable problems to have.


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