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Last week

People like comparisons. They make life simple – they make – well – comparing things easy.  So here is a comparison for you.  Game for game versus last year’s premiers’ we are a 143 point better side this year.  Yes I know all you spoil sports out there will point at all the fallacies in my argument like how half the team this year is completely different and the coaching department is almost totally new but the facts remain the same – yes we didn’t win but we continued to move positively in the right direction last week and, let’s be honest, we can’t ask more than continuous improvement week in week out.
Besides not getting wiped off the planet like last season there were other positives that came out of the game on Saturday.  For the first time this year, and against one of the toughest competitors, we came out in front on contested possession.  Contested possession is one of the key barometers to success and this is a huge plus for us and something we can continue to build on over the course of the year.  There were also some very good players on the day and let’s look at some of them.
I have to start with MITCH CLARK.  4 goals on return after nearly capitating himself is fantastic in anyone’s book.  He continues to lead (metaphorically and literally) on the ground and I really can’t extol his virtues enough so far this year.
CALE MORTON – Cale is often maligned with the Melbourne faithful but his return to the side this year has seen him in perhaps the best form of his career.  On the weekend he collected 20 possessions and was easily in our best players in my opinion.
CHIPPA FRAWLEY – Just how good is this bloke?  Tom Hawkins has been eating first class defenders for breakfast since last years’ grand final and to keep him to 1 goal on the afternoon and pick up 19 possessions himself was a great effort.
Whilst starting on the bench caused more than a murmur amongst some commentators, our 2 skippers both played great games topping the stats list for our boys.
Special mentions this week to some all familiar regulars in this report this year.  HOUNDING HOWE – took his obligatory hanger on Saturday and worked hard all day.  TOM ‘RONALD’ MCDONALD continued to impress and lay claims to a permanent spot in our defence.  Finally NATHAN JONES – he battled hard all day, hit the scoreboard again with 2 goals and continues to provide enormous drive through our midfield.

This week
This week we are on the big stage….Friday night football is back for the might Demons and it is another tough one – this time against the Hawks. I am certainly looking forward to this game and will watch with anticipatory hope that we continue our improvement and you never know – we just may sneak away with a win.
And next week
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Go Dees

Darren Spence


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