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by Darren Spence
Going to watch the game on Saturday night was sort of like being asked to have a dance with your sister……..you know you have to do it but you also know you probably won’t enjoy it.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t because I thought we were going to get flogged. It was the humid/slippery conditions coupled with the defensive mindset of game styles both teams play that pretty much ensured that when they rate the spectacle of games played this year Saturday’s nights’ game would be low on the totem pole. ¬†And I was right.

The first quarter and a bit the Dees matched it with one of the best teams in the comp but a side like the Dockers don’t give you second chances and certainly make you pay. Missing 3 sitters and costly turnovers resulting in probably 8 goals more than condemned Melbourne to a loss.

Turnovers are bad enough – and with the relentless pressure Freo apply to opposition teams turnovers are bound to happen, but it surely must be deflating for the players when senior experienced players miss gettable goals? The half time score would have looked a lot different without those misses. 1 goal in a half isn’t going to win too many games…

Tom McDonald was our best player in my opinion…….his absence last week against the Doggies was felt and perhaps the result may have been different if he played. Dean Kent is having a great year – I must admit I thought coming into this season- that he was going to be more of a ‘top up’ player but he is certainly more than that at the moment. The Dees are screaming out for some forwards (well just forwards in general!) but specifically quick forwards who can play as a high half forward as well as crumb some goals and he is filling that role more than adequately at the moment.

‘The usual suspects’ fill the rest of my best players in Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince and Dom Tyson. At least Colin Sylvia didn’t dominate – that really would have made my night! That was a real positive and another one is that we nearly finished even with the Dockers in clearances (38 – 42), this has been a real strength for Freo this year and an area we generally we have been well beaten.

So you looking for positives from Saturday’s game:
1) Colin Sylvia didn’t dominate
2) Our clearance work was pleasing
3) Dean Kent continues to show improvement
4) We don’t play Freo again this year

Scraping the barrel I know, but dancing with your sister will do that to you!

This week is the Cats and ANOTHER tough one but more importantly another great opportunity to play against the best and continue to learn and develop. Hopefully our clearance rate stays competitive and we minimise our turnovers and kick goals at every opportunity – do this and we will be in the game.


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