Cricket, convincing winners and bruise free footballers no more!

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Cricket, convincing winners and bruise free footballers no more!

Darren Spence – our correspondent in Jakarta

The game on Saturday night reminded me of watching a game of cricket. A star studded batting line up against an inferior bowling attack hurtling down half volley after half volley only seeing it scream off the middle of the bat straight to a fielder. No run. It certainly felt like that for 3 quarters where the Dees were on pace for a record inside 50 count yet to only lead by 22 points deep into the 3rd. The flood gates finally opened in the last and the batsman finally found the gaps and in the end we ran out convincing winners by 69 points over the Suns.

83 inside 50s is a lot! Well only Norf have equalled it! I really enjoy watching our attacking game style and we will not lose many games with those sort of numbers. Yes some will say 21.20 is a below average return on those stats but some people are never happy. It was also another game where we didn’t have our all too common “mid game lapse” and we have now won 3 on the trot. I walked away with a lot of positives Saturday night (and probably more beers than I should have!).

Other positives on the night were TMac with 5 goals, Harmes with a career high 33 touches, Salem in a good patch of form had the ball 27 times and slotted 2 goals, Oliver (as always) with 29 (and 11 tackles).  Hogan is now one of the most dangerous forwards in the league in the way he covers so much ground and he finished with 3 goals and 22 possessions. Gawn with 41 hitouts and Fritsch, who is looking like one of the shrewd draft picks of the year, had a career high 26 touches in a dominant display by the Mighty Dees.

This Sunday we front up against the Blues. Of late there has not been much love lost between the 2 sides. From Robinson calling us “bruise free footballers”, Hogan and Lewis getting rubbed out and theories that the Blues “exaggerated” the injuries caused in the incidents at the tribunal, to Oliver getting a mouthful from a fan over the fence there is sure to be no love lost on the weekend. The Dees will win though. Enough said.

T.MacDonald 5
Harmes 4
Oliver 3
Gawn 2
Salem 1

Oliver 22
Hogan 21
Gawn 18
Petracca 12
Jones 8
Salem 7
Garlett 5
T.MacDonald 5
Melksham 4
Hibberd 4
Brayshaw 4
Harmes 4
Hannan 3
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1

Hogan 26
Oliver 26
Petracca 15
Salem 14
Tyson 10
Fritsch 7
Harmes 6
Hannan 4
Brayshaw 4
Neal Bullen 3
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Lever 1
Spargo 1

Harmes 5
Oliver 4
Salem 3
Fritsch 2
Hogan 1

Oliver has taken over the lead in the Lukey Tapscott and draws equal with Hogan in the ANB Rising Star. Hogan can probably count himself unlucky not to get votes in the “Tapscott” I just felt all his goals came when the game was probably over and that a few others were more deserving.

The pleasing thing was that I could have included another 5 in the votes such was our dominance so don’t worry Jesse… I still do love you!

Go Dees!


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