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June 5, 2012 by
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So Saturday was Carlton and sadly it was the Dees fans that had the Blues as once again we left the ground stone motherless on the table.

The game had some promising signs – a stark contrast to the last couple of weeks – we had our most inside 50s for the year, we at last showed some real toughness at the ball – Brad Green, Jordie Mac and Jack Grimes all showing acts that I am sure would make Mark Neeld proud and hopefully sets the tone for the rest of the year.  We led at quarter time and were still in the game at 3 quarter time, all pleasing, however 1 goal in the 2nd half is not going to win you too many games (unless it is U/8s footy I guess).
I have to admit that I lost focus in the last quarter, honestly I would rather eat bulls testicles in Seville than watch Brock McLean and Mitch Robinson pick up possessions at will, but I will have a go at my honourable mentions for the game.

First off it is Nathan Jones. For what appears to be the 436th time in a row he led our possession count on the weekend with 27.  Not only that but he continued his rich reign of goal kicking form with another goal.  If he isn’t winning the ‘Bluey’ at present then I have been watching the wrong games!

Jack Grimes was certainly amongst our best and Mitch Clark continues to be a head ache for opposition defenders and finished with 3.4 on the day.
I loved Jordie McKenzie’s game.  He has had quite a few big scalps this year and added Chris Judd to his list on the weekend.  On top of that he amassed 10 tackles, the most by far of anyone from either team.
Sam Blease continues to impress.  His speed and disposal has been a god send this year and he is now ready to make his mark on the game and become a regular in this side.

Talking about becoming a regular – we saw another great game also by Tom McDonald.  People are starting to get excited about this guy and I can see why.
Jack Watts and Jared Rivers both played well as did Rohan Bail.  Finally a mention to Daniel Nicholson – 22 possessions in his return game should see him hold his spot this week.

This week

Talking about this week and it is the Bombers on Saturday night.  I don’t like Essendon and I don’t like their supporters.  How can you like any teams’ supporters who complain about their recent lack of success?  Hello! – I still have nightmares about the 2000 grand final and still haven’t forgiven Michael Long for cleaning up Troy Simmonds!  Not only that but have you noticed how many Essendon supporters seem to have taken their cue from that recent irritating Commonwealth Bank ad with Toni Collette about dropping the ‘T’?  Well many Essendon supporters drop the ‘N’…..IT IS NOT ESSEDON!…..  At least if you are going to follow a side learn how to pronounce their stupid name.

We beat ‘Essedon’ last year and if the Ukranians are going to roll out Fred the Ferret as their chosen psychic animal to predict the winner of the upcoming Euro’s then I am going out on a limb and say we are going to give the Bombers a real fright on Saturday night and don’t be surprised if I am writing next week about our first win!
Go Dees


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