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Last Week – Things Could Be Worse

Things could be worse.  Yes we are officially the first foundation team from the VFL/AFL to be 18th on the ladder but things could really be worse.  You could, for instance:

  • Follow Manchester United – who had the EPL premiership ripped from their grasp with essentially the last kick of the season.
  • You could play for the Genoa football club, an Italian professional team, who in the midst of a bitter struggle to starve off relegation, recently lost 4 -1 which then resulted in their fans jumping a perspex fence and chasing their players around the pitch demanding that the remove their shirts as they didn’t believe they were fit to wear them.
  • You could be a Greek politician trying to hold their fragile economy in one piece.
  • You could be on the board of JP Morgan Chase wondering where on earth $2 billion went.
  • You could be Nicolas Sarcozy, a man clearly punching above his playing weight, who has just been booted out of the French Presidency.
  • You could be Jason Akermanis – who….well is Jason Akermanis.

So could things could be much worse than being a Melbourne supporter right now.  On the big stage of Friday night football it is fair to say that the boys would be mightily disappointed with their efforts.  We certainly took a backward step after making some considerable improvements over the previous weeks. Once again Mitch Clark could hold his head up high with 3 first quarter goals.  He truly has been a leading light for the club this year – heaven knows where we would be getting our goals without him!  Nathan Jones is another who I keep mentioning week in week out and again he played well against the Hawks leading our disposal count.  The fact that he was the only Demon player on the night to win over 20 possessions (he had 21) says a lot about our performance.  (As a comparison the Hawks had 12 players accumulate 20 possessions or more).  You aren’t going to win too many games with statistics like that!
This Week
So we move onto this weekend and it is the Swannies in the Indigenous round.  This week they are celebrating 30 years since the Swans first played at the SCG – a game incidentally that I went to all those years ago.  We lost that day but this week the Swans have some injury concerns and I am certain that Neeld and his crew will have the boys totally fired up and it is sure to be a cracking game.
Go Dees


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