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by Darren Spence

Well we are in June and the Dees and indeed myself are travelling far better than the same time last year (which is more than I can say for Wayne Campbell’s Bridgestone tyres – but more on that later). This time last year I was in a half body cast and the Demons were – well lets be honest here – one of the laughing stocks of the AFL. Yes we have only won 3 games so far but even the Demons’ harshest critics (Damian Barrett this includes you) have to admit that for the first time in recent memory there is a lot to like about the MFC. 

On the field our defence is one of the best in the league and the stats prove this, our midfield has depth, grunt and promise that has been our Achilles heel ever since another Viney terrorised opponents week in week out. Our forward line (without some unfortunate retirements/injuries) also would be the envy of many opposition clubs…..but this will come good.

Reciprocally, off the field we are in great shape. Arguably we have the best CEO going round in Peter Jackson, Bartlett is saying all the right things and without doubt we have the best coach in the league. Roos’ ability to instill confidence and belief in the players, reignite stagnant careers (Dunn, Pederson, Jetta etc) is extraordinary. What is perhaps even more extraordinary is have you noticed he has hardly changed in appearance since he was running around for Fitzroy in the 80s? Hardly a grey hair or receding hairline in sight! Mind you many more games where we only get 5 frees a game and mind boggling decisions denying an obvious goal and he will soon be getting hair styling advice from Nathan Jones.

Which leads me to Monday’s game. In typical Indonesian fashion – the ONLY game of ANY game this year AFL Live TV wasn’t working it had to be this one!……After much cursing and almost throwing the laptop in the bin (luckily I didn’t as it was the pubs’ laptop not mine), the game came on 5 mins in and we were 1 goal up!…..Happy Days!….The fact that the end result meant I missed 3/4 of the goals kicked in the game – not so good. Notice I said 3 of 4 goals?……I refuse to accept that Bernie’s goal was not a goal….so in my history books we kicked 4 goals on Monday. Yes the Blues were also robbed on Friday night (care factor ZERO) but both teams have every right to feel aggrieved by some of the umpiring decisions this round. Yes I know it’s a hard job but I plainly have given up trying to explain the rules of our beloved game to foreigners as I can’t honestly fathom some of the calls nowadays. I am sure I read on the internet (it was on the internet so it must be true) that some Blues’ supporters slashed Wayne Campbell’s tyres after Friday nights’ game – perhaps he can spend the time on the tram to work writing/clarifying a new version of the rules as I sure as hell cannot understand them.

On the positive side keeping the Pies to 8 goals on Monday was a great effort – I would take that any day of the week – we have our defence settled, we have a solid game plan – now we need to start hurting sides on the rebound – it will come. I just wish some of the sycophantic journalists who all year have been praising Roos like the messiah he is and then this week come out and discombobulatingly criticize our style of play would realise this too.

So from playing one of my least favourite sides; we front up against another one this Sunday in Essendon (or Essedon as Bombers’ supporters consistently pronounce it). Last seasons’ game aside, we have had a good track record against ‘Essedon’ of late and I can’t see this game being any different. No doubt the boys will be fired up – Watson will be a big loss for them – expect Dom Tyson to bounce back and prove both the ‘unnamed recruiter who should be sacked’ and the named AFL journalist in Damian Barrett wrong, expect more than 4 (FOUR) goals than last week, expect me to be bamboozled by the rules again but most importantly expect the mighty Demons to leave everything on the ground and make you damn proud you follow our great and mighty club!
Go Dees
Darren Spence


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