Dees Top Dog In Stormy Encounter

February 25, 2020 by
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Round 2 – Western Bulldogs Vs Melbourne

Liam Chambers

After last week’s close contest, the Dees showed that they are shaping up to be genuine contenders for the premiership cup.

From the opening siren, Melbourne were off and running. Wave after wave of intense pressure was applied to the Bulldogs’ defence. A shell shocked Dogs finally succumbed when a long kick from debutante Niamh McEvoy was picked up by Aliesha Newman and handed to Chantel Emonson who opened the scoring for the Dees.

Comeback Queen Daisy Pearce was right at home at half back with an almost telepathic connection to the brilliant Karen Paxman. The accuracy of their marking and kicking has reached new heights. A rebound effort from Elise O’Dea was cleaned up by Paxman who then scored Melbourne’s second with ruthless efficiency.

At the other end, Sinead Goldrick made an unfortunate rookie error when she dropped the ball both literally and metaphorically, giving away a fifty metre penalty. It gave the Dogs’ player Deanna Berry a chance to put her team on the scoreboard with a free kick right in front of goal.

Melbourne kept up the momentum in the second quarter with impressive confidence; marking, passing and kicking skillfully in increasingly wet conditions. Shelley Scott showed her immense talent by marking and placing herself in goal kicking positions. Unfortunately she was unable to convert her scoring opportunities.

In the second half Melbourne continued to impress with Eden Zanker showing her skills with two behind points in quick succession. The Dees could easily have been four to five goals in front at this stage of the game. Scott continue to mark well inside 50 and was instrumental in Melbourne’s third goal when she strategically kicked the ball towards goal giving Casey Sherriff the chance to run down the sherrin and soccer kick it between the uprights.

The Dees were now in a commanding position. That was cemented when Maddi Gay kicked her first and Melbourne’s fourth to stretch the margin to twenty six points. Maddi Gay was able to do what all great players do in set shot situations; kick the ball accurately in understandably tense conditions. The fact that it was raining and she was the best part of thirty metres out made it even more impressive. Melbourne looked unbeatable from that point.

The final quarter saw the Bulldogs take the fight to the Dees but Melbourne remained competitive in defence. Some impressive tackling held the Dogs at bay until Bonnie prove “too good” for the Dees’ defence. Apologies for the terrible pun. Even though Melbourne remain scoreless in the final term, they continued to soak up the pressure before moving up the field to put themselves into potential scoring positions.

Unfortunately victory came at a cost for Ainslie Kemp who injured her knee just before the final siren and looks set to miss the rest of the season. Apart from that it all bodes well for Round 3 against St Kilda. Melbourne’s biggest threat will be their own complacency but from what we saw this week, I’m sure the girls will be careful not to pop the champagne quite yet.

Go the Insanely Good Dees!!!


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