Deja vu and royal blue

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In more ways than one there was a touch of deja vu about the game on Saturday night. Firstly the return of the royal blue jumper; a jumper I grew up watching my beloved Dees play in. We didn’t win many games with it mind you but I can’t believe some comments from people saying they hate it and prefer the contrast jumper that was predominately white. White! Come on! Since when has white ever been a colour associated with our great clubs’ jumper design? Never! For me I am a big fan of it!

The second part of deja vu on Saturday night was the Dees going missing for a quarter once again. After a solid start that saw us five goals up at quarter time, six at half time and then stretching the lead to seven goals early in the third I was looking forward to a big win away to kick start our year. I should have known better…….Fast forward a quarter and scores are now level and my heart was in my throat. Not again!! Please not again! Thankfully the boys steadied and took the Easter chocolates home with a 26-point win against a gallant Lion outfit.

I can almost copy and paste every week about our game fades. It is almost so common now that opposition teams will always feel like they are in the game – no matter what the score – waiting for the invariable Demon mid game sleep. The positive to come out of it was the boys did rally and win but this is something that appears endemic at the moment and really needs to be fixed if we are to be one of the top sides this season.

On Saturday night big Jesse was fantastic with five majors – he does seem to play well against the Lions.  Oliver and Jones continued their great starts to the year with 35 and 28 possessions respectively. Petracca also played his second great game in a row, he was dangerous throughout the night with 24 touches. How good is he going to be? Garlett was the man that single handedly stopped the rot and probably won the game for us when it needed to be.

Overall on a slippery night the coaching staff would have breathed a sigh of relief to notch our first win but with plenty to think about moving forward. They won’t be looking any further than this Saturday against the Roos. Speaking about endemic, it is well spoken about our 17 losses on the trot to this mob and if the boys can hold Brown and Waite and play 4 god damn quarters I have little doubt that by Saturday night we will 2 and 1 and be firmly entrenched in the 8.

5 Garlett
4 Hogan
3 Oliver
2 Jones
1 Petracca

5 Hogan
4 Oliver
3 Petracca
2 Tyson
1 Neal-Bullen

Hogan 7
Petracca 6
Garlett 5
Gawn 4
Jones 4
Oliver 4

Hulk has taken an early lead after Round 2

ANB RISING STAR (after Rnd 2)
Hogan 9
Petracca 8
Oliver 7
Fritsch 2
Tyson 2
Harmes 1
Neal- Bullen 1

Not surprisingly Hulk is also leading the rising star but the season is a long one and it is any one’s award.

Go Dees


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