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August 7, 2014 by
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by Darren Spence It wasn’t pretty on the weekend…..the only thing pretty was the fact that I was able to watch the game in a pool bar enjoying the Lebaran break. No broken bars but plenty of splashing of water. This week I thought I would make use of homophones to brighten the spirits of even the most tragic and disappointed Dees fan.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the match review with the players. Like Clarkson famously poured flour on the ground to signify his line in the sand – Roosy would have undoubtedly ripped into them. Could you imagine Flower turning the ball over as happened countless times on Sunday? I would be lying if I said I am not frustrated with the poor decision making by some of the players. Would Lyon stand by and let the game slip away like it did in the last quarter? It would be neat if we could kick some goals and put some real scoreboard pressure on the opposition. Neitz would have grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and applied real pressure. I would love it if we didn’t fumble at critical times of the game. Did you ever see Brett or Glenn Lovett fumble?

The reason I mention these players as they were all great leaders of the club and were able to bring the younger guys with them and drag us over the line for wins and make everyone stand just that little bit taller. Our current list is still young and whilst we have brought in some leaders – Cross, Vince, Dawes etc we need to be shrewd at the trade table this year and bring in some more leaders to our great club to add to the swag of talented young players coming through. On the weekend the usual suspects of Jones, Howe and Tyson could all hold their head up high in what was a bitterly disappointing loss.

This week is a perfect opportunity for the boys to show what they are made of – many certainly will be playing for their football lives. When RDB famously came back to the club with his 5 year plan – whilst he never saw the success he would have hoped for during his tenure – he certainly laid the platform for sustained success at the club in the future years and with Roosy signing on for another year he will do exactly the same and bring this great club back where it belongs…..Masters of the G.


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