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Don McLardy is in Sydney today for a get together with NSW Demons and you are invited to join us for drinks and a chat with Don.

Date:   Friday 5th April
Time:  5pm to 7pm
Venue: King St Brewhouse
22 The Promenade, King St Wharf (Darling Harbour)
RSVP:  0409 783 318 or

This week

Plenty of food for thought this week from the draconian predictions of the fourth estate to the musings of Bob Murphy on confidence and self esteem.

“Confidence is a funny thing….. Most players grapple with the mystery of how to find it, and the perennial question, ”Where did it go?” Something that’s of more relevance, I believe, is a player’s and a team’s self-esteem. It is relevant for every team, for every athlete in the world.  Self-esteem in the modern footballing landscape comes from a player’s ability to play his role for the team.  Self-esteem is not gained, as I understand it, from a spectacular mark, a lace-out pass to the full-forward, or from a banana goal from the fourth row. Those things are football fairy floss.  Self-esteem comes from whether you were able to produce effort to a level your teammates expect of you.”  
Read more:

I do like Bob!

Anyway on to this week’s footy and we welcome back Aaron Davey, Jack Trengove and Tom McDonald and welcome debutante Dean Terlich for the Saturday night game against the Bombers.

The team
B: T.Gillies J.Frawley D.Terlich
HB: J.Watts T.McDonald C.Garland
C: J.Grimes J.Viney M.Jones
HF: S.Blease J.Sellar J.Howe
F: C.Sylvia M.Clark S.Byrnes
R: M.Jamar J.McKenzieN.Jones
I/C: J.Toumpas J.Trengove D.Nicholson A.Davey
EMG: D.Rodan C.Pederson J.Spencer
In: A.Davey D.Terlich J.Trengove T.McDonald
Out: D.Rodan (Omitted) L.Dunn (Hamstring) L.Tapscott (Omitted) C.Pederson (Omitted)

Enjoy the weekend and Go Dees!
NSW Demons


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