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Join the NSW Demons to watch the game at the Camelia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Road, Alexandria.

Join us at the Cammy to watch on the big screen Melbourne play Fremantle in the first game for 2015. The NAB challenge match is being played at Fremantle and the broadcast starts in Sydney at 7.10pm AEDT.

1. Jesse Hogan, 2. Nathan Jones, 3. Christian Salem, 5. Jimmy Toumpas, 6. Chris Dawes, 8. Heritier Lumumba, 11. Max Gawn, 12. Dom Tyson, 13. Jordie Mckenzie, 14. Lynden Dunn, 15. Billy Stretch, 16. Dean Kent, 17. Sam Frost, 18. Daniel Cross, 19. Ben Newton, 20. Colin Garland, 21. Cameron Pedersen, 22. Viv Michie, 24. Jay Kennedy-Harris, 25. Tom McDonald, 31. Jack Grimes, 36. Jeff Garlett 37. Aaron vandenBerg, 39. Neville Jetta, 40. Mark Jamar, 42. Jake Spencer, 44. Rohan Bail, 45. Matt Jones

Heritier Lumumba, Jeff Garlett, Sam Frost, Ben Newton, Billy Stretch and Aaron vandenBerg will be playing their first game for the Dees against Fremantle.

See you at the Cammy.

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