Horror movie right there on your tv

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Horror movie right there on your TV, Anzac Eve blockbuster

Watching the Dees play is like watching a horror movie. It all starts pleasantly enough but you know the scene is coming. The scene that will terrify you and make you squirm in your seat. But you won’t look away. You can’t look away. The sadomasochism in you won’t let you. Plus after all you bought the ticket. And so it was in the Anzac Eve blockbuster on Tuesday night. A promising start gave us all hope that knocking off the reigning premiers was a real possibility; 13 points down early in the last gave us real hope. Then it came. It seems to always come. 7 goals later and for the rest of history it will show a 46 point win to the Tigers.

We really don’t look like we have a plan B. I don’t know if it is a confidence thing, a coaching thing or a bit of both but our inability to stop other teams’ run ons is alarming. Gone are the days we were truly crap. Gone are the days when traveling to the footy my only hope was an ‘honourable’ loss so that I wouldn’t get teased too much in the playground on Monday morning. We are a decent side and that’s what is so frustrating. Perhaps we are missing Viney’s leadership when things start to go awry? I don’t know. But I do know we will never be a great side until we can stem an opposition run on.

Another alarming thing is how we have stopped the ability to score. After 3 rounds we were the highest scoring team in the league and on Tuesday night 1 goal from 19 first quarter inside 50s is a poor return. If it was me I would keep Hogan inside 50. He is by far our best scoring option and our main target.

Oliver was our best player with 31 touches and Melksham had a welcome return to form with 4 goals in a game that again left me hollow at the final siren. This Sunday we front up again against the Bombers. Two teams in poor form right now. If both teams bring their worst I am predicting a nil all draw. This is a big game for us. After almost being undefeated after round 3, a loss will see us at 2-4. Now that would be a horror show!


Oliver 5
Melksham 4
Hogan 3
Jones 2
Gawn 1


Oliver 5
Hogan 4
Tyson 3
Salem 2
Lever 1


Hogan 18
Oliver 14
Petracca 12
Gawn 10
Jones 8
Garlett 5
Melksham 4
Salem 2
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1

Hogan 22
Oliver 17
Petracca 18
Tyson 8
Salem 6
Neal Bullen 3
Fritsch 2
Bugg 2
Harmes 1
Lever 1

Hogan continues to lead both awards.

Go Dees


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