How on earth did we lose that!?​

June 30, 2018 by
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You could probably count on 1 finger how many teams have lost when they have 29 more inside 50s, 19 more contested possessions and 16 more clearances. Yet on the big stage on a Friday night the Dees were behind on the only stat that really matters as we went down to the Power by 10 points.

It was a major disappointment that still irks me! How on earth did we lose that!?

A couple of decisions that didn’t go our way and late injuries to MacDonald and Jetta certainly didn’t help our cause. The one positive that can be taken away is that I promise you if we bring that level of intensity each week we will not lose many games. Our ferocity at the contest was as high as I have seen all season and the boys certainly played like the had a point to prove after our last game performance.

Viney was fantastic and lead from the front all night with 20 hard earned contested possessions, not to be outdone his fellow co captain Jones was great as was Oliver, Brayshaw and Jetta. Finally MacDonald continued his great form with 3 goals but overall it really was a game that we let slip away and now see us at the bottom half of the 8.

We have the Saints again this Sunday in what really is a must win game. I can’t see us losing – especially if we continue with that level of intensity shown on Friday. The Dees will and will win easily.


Viney 5
Brayshaw 4
Oliver 3
Jones 2
Jetta 1


Oliver 31
Hogan 27
Gawn 18
Brayshaw 18
Jones 17
Melksham 14
Petracca 12
T.MacDonald 11
Salem 7
Lever 6
Jetta 6
Viney 6
Garlett 5
Hibberd 4
Harmes 4
Hannan 3
Fritsch 3
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1


Viney 5
Brayshaw 4
Oliver 3
Harmes 2
Tyson 1

Oliver 40
Hogan 33
Brayshaw 22
Petracca 15
Salem 15
Fritsch 15
Tyson 11
Lever 10
Viney 9
Harmes 8
Neal Bullen 7
Hannan 4
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Smith 2
Spargo 1

Oliver now is taking a strangehold on both awards and extends his leads.

Go Dees!!


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