I love the Olympics

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I love the Olympics – Darren Spence

Thursday 2 August 2012

Well the Olympics are on and you really know you live in Indonesia when the prime time viewing is the preliminary round match between Nigeria and Sweden in the table tennis. (Some guy from Sweden won for those of you that are interested).  By the way – what exactly do table tennis commentators do between Olympic Games anyway?  I love the Olympics.  It is the only 2 weeks every leap year that people sit down watching sports they have absolutely no idea about.  It is the only time arm chair experts come out and shout at the Canadian diving judge for giving a diver a 9.0 when ‘he clearly opened up on his pike way too early’ as well as shake your head at how the Chinese gymnast only received a 7.5 for execution when ‘ he definitely landed his Yurchencko vault’.

However you don’t need to be an arm chair expert to realise the Mighty Demons continue to struggle to string four quarters together and as a result on Saturday our hoodoo at Etihad stadium and against the Roos remained intact.  It really is both frustrating to watch now and yet tantalising for our future as our new game plan provides us glimpses of hope for the years to come.  North came out of the blocks and the game was all but over by quarter time but to our boys credit we fought back hard winning the 2nd quarter before delivering what Mark Neeld claimed was ‘a sub-standard AFL quarter’ after the main break.  The Dees broke even in the final stanza but to be honest we were never really in the game.  Why North have the wood over us in recent years discombobulates me but we will now have to wait till next year to address the imbalance.

The game, however, didn’t leave us bereft of honourable mentions on the Demon front.

  • Cue that algorithm <INSERT NATHAN JONES> was our leading possession getter with 32 and managed to kick a goal.
  • Jonesey was clearly our best player and will take away his first ‘Bluey’ this year by the length of the Flemington straight.  Last year’s ‘Bluey’ winner Beamer Moloney returned to the team with a welcome return to form getting his hand on the ball 29 times.
  • Big congratulations to our former skipper in Brad Green who finished with three goals whilst our current co-captain in Jack Grimes was solid with 23 touches.
  • I want to mention big Jake ‘the pencil’ Spencer, he has had it tough with injuries but he is making the most of his opportunities.  I love the way he chases hard and really commits himself to every contest.  He finished with a career high 27 hit outs and is doing everything possible to ensure he stays on our list come the end of the season.  I sure am one that hopes he does.

This week it is the Gold Coast Suns……a game which both teams will be very eager to win.  I really can’t see our boys dropping this game and with the boys at Casey on top of the ladder the pressure will be on our senior players to ensure they retain their spots as our season nears its completion.

Go Dees


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