I love this guernsey – what a win!!

September 14, 2020 by
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Jacqui Parry

Our boys looked 500% more handsome in this guernsey – and they play well in it too.

It’s a retro look but it is just fabulous I reckon we should keep it for the finals series.

Reminds me of the good old days and the colours look fantastic on TV.

Congratulations to Oskar Baker – his family would be so proud of him – hoping they were able to get to the game. Every club needs a hard running red head – I reckon Oskar fits the bill.

..And what about Rivs goals too – sensational.  Also loved the goal by Kossie – he has been there abouts for a while and he is so quick.

The whole squad looks fabulous in this guernsey – Go Get em Dees!!

Jacqui Parry, Merlin and Sugar
Proud Player Sponsors of MFC Captain Max Gawn No. 11
Proud Player Sponsors of Gun Forward Jackie Parry No.19
Go Dees!!! Go Gawny!!! Go Jackie!!


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