Lets compare Neville Jetta with Alex Rance – just out of interest!

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I reckon we need to get Neville Jetta more media exposure in 2019 – he needs to be doing some interviews post game and on the commercial stations (radio and TV). Probably not how he wants to spend his time, but it is what you have to do to get talked about and that no doubt helps your chances.

By Jacqui Parry

I would like to see the club get right behind a campaign to make sure Neville is not overlooked ever again, because he has played sensationally and everyone knows it.

Please send these thoughts on to Neville, the coaching and media staff, as I really think we do him a disservice by not making sure he is recognised as the champion player that he is.

Lets stop talking about Neville as “under-rated” and lets make sure he is always talked about as “a champion” which he is – you don’t hold your spot in an AFL team all year unless you are pretty damn good.

Max will tell you I haven’t got a clue about the statistics (in fact didn’t even know they were published in such detail until Max showed me). However, lets look at Nevilles statistics and start shouting them from the rooftops. He has just signed a three year contract – and a well deserved one. Lets make sure the next three years are worthy of his efforts for our club.

I just had a look at how he compares with Alex Rance – just out of interest:

Neville Jetta

He is younger than Alex – plays a different position and style, but averages more tackles per game and has better disposal efficiency than Rance and less clangers. Compare him with someone of similar height, weight and position and you will get a better picture,

But my point is – Let’s make “under-rated” a swear word in our club and make sure all of our players – ladies and men – get the recognition they deserve by objectively focussing on their contribution to the club, the stats and the results.

(Sorry, I am getting a bit carried away – Go Dees!!)

Best wishes from Jacqui Parry, Merlin and Sugar
Proud Guernsey Sponsor of Max Gawn No. 11

May the Beard Grow Long and the Hammies stay Strong –
cos’ we are goin’ to the Big Dance this year!!!!!!!!!!!!


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