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Match Day Brunch – Pre GWS match on Saturday 3 August

The NSW Demons Match Day Brunch is being held at The Novotel at Sydney Olympic Park before the match against Greater Western Sydney at the Sydney Showgrounds on Saturday 3 August.
The Brunch will be hosted by Russell Robertson and we will be joined by guest speakers from the Melbourne Football Club.

To book this event, please go to

What: NSW Demons Match Day Brunch
Where: Novotel, Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park
When: 10.30 am on Saturday 3 August 2013
Cost: Adults – $60
Children (under 12) – $30

Footy Connections
This week’s connection is Footy Almanac, an eclectic mix of match reports and philosophical musings. John Harms and Paul Daffey first published The Footy Almanac in 2007 and then established a website so people could publish their footy stories – and other stories. At Footy Almanac they love footy and sport, but that’s not all. There is also coverage of the arts, politics, history, wine and all the other good stuff. Life really.
As well they host events all around the country – monthly lunches in Melbourne, book launches in all of the capital cities in November and December. Read all about it at

This week
Jack Fitzpatrick, Jake Spencer, Cam Pedersen, Joel Macdonald, James Strauss, David Rodan and Dean Kent have been included in the team this week. Out of the team are Shannon Byrnes who is injured and James Magner, Neville Jetta and Max Gawn who have been omitted.
Pedersen and Rodan have been included in the starting 18, with Fitzpatrick, Spencer, Macdonald, Strauss and Kent added to the extended interchange.

The team
B: Lynden Dunn, James Frawley, Dean Terlich
HB: Jack Watts, Cam Pedersen, Colin Garland
C: Jack Trengove, Michael Evans, Matt Jones
HF: Luke Tapscott, Jeremy Howe, Rohan Bail
F: David Rodan, Chris Dawes, Aaron Davey
FOLL: Mark Jamar, Jordie McKenzie, Nathan Jones
I/C (from): James Strauss, Daniel Nicholson, Joel Macdonald, James Sellar, Dean Kent, Jake Spencer, Jack Fitzpatrick


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