Max Gawn – Rising Star!

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Max Gawn – Rising Star!

Nominated by Merlin and Sugar – No. 1 Pet Supporters – Northern NSW Feline Division MFC
June 2015
Give a ruckman a break (or at least a longer Guernsey)We think ruckmen get a rough deal in the AFL – how does nobody notice them when they are Gi-normous like Maxy, Crayon and Russian.  Rarely does a Brownlow Vote makes it over the 2.05 metre mark – let alone a Bluey or a Rising Star.
Our Gawny has battled manfully – through thick and thin and busted knees and jumpers that are frankly way too short for him.
How’s a fella supposed to play his best footy with his tummy showing?
It is possible that Gawny has grown a little in the last 12 months or so – so can you please put some hungry boards on that guernsey for him?
Meantime, as our special award and recognition for service above and beyond the length of his sweater, we have decided to give him his very own Rising Star nomination.
Hope you find space in the trophy cabinet for this one.

Jacqui, Merlin and Sugar
Proud Guernsey Sponsors of Max Gawn No. 11


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