Melbourne v St Kilda – match preview

March 31, 2017 by
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A glimpse into what NSW Demons are looking forward to in the first game of the season.

  • Fearless football
  • Players hit targets and hit the contest HARD – no second guessing, no tentative approaches, just playing with guts and determination to get the job done
  • Big, big team effort , consolidation of Oliver, Hunt, Trac, Watts, Gawn and Brayshaw and breakthroughs by Hannan and Smith
  • Defying Saints hoodoo, defying Docklands hoodoo
  • Enjoying the Gawn-Viney midfield partnership develop, a bit of class from Petraca and already one of the best in heavy traffic, Clayton Oliver, ply his wares!!
  • Hoping for the clarry revolution!
  • The young ones stepping up and playing free flowing running football and excited about our forward line.
  • Drastically reduced turnovers especially in the corridor, much better final kicks into the forward line with sharp passes to good leads.
  • Thirdly the back zone not failing and letting opposition forwards running in behind the zone and taking the ball uncontested and kicking easy goals.
  • Petracca-Brayshaw-Oliver-Salem all in the one team, hopefully all fit and over their respective issues. Lewis to help guide them.
  • No second year blues for the likes of Hunt and forementioned.
  • The red back away guernsey (?!?).
  • Collective and individual improvement.
  • The debutants. Viney-Stretch-Smith all sons of.

If we get all of that it will be a great game!

So join us at the Cammy to watch the game on the big screen.

See you there.

Go Melbourne


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