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This week’s review and preview of the Dees matches by Darren Spence
Well the year is now underway and for the first time since the launch of the Commodore 64 computer and the J Geils Band topped the charts with Centrefold we see ourselves with a draw in the first round of the season. I am not sure how I feel about the result. I know I am disappointed that we didn’t win but on the other hand I feel we got out of jail as the truth be told we were out played for the large majority of the match. Robert Frost once said ‘always fall in for what you are asked to accept. Take what is given and make it over your way’. That’s all well and good Frosty but I guess it’s like being fed brussel sprouts for dinner by your mother – yeah I know they are good for me but they taste like crap and doesn’t mean I have to enjoy them!…It’s a sure fire bet the old Frosty never barracked for the Dees and for certain was never fed brussel sprouts!

Now as for the game – at quarter time our three leading disposal winners were Stef Martin, Luke Tapscott and Col Garland. Now I do not know if they run a book on stats like that but rest assured if they did I am certain you would have gotten better odds on me changing my allegiance to Collingwood then that specific trio leading the possession count. Not taking anything away from these three as they all had a terrific quarter and indeed game. Let’s look at their games and other notable performances……
• Martin has taken his good preseason form into the proper stuff and looks over his past injuries and looks set for a great year. If he can hold his body together he is going to be a massive help to the big Russian.
• Tapscott!!!…….now from the outset I have to confess……there is a lot of manlove coming from this writer for this man. The boy is built like a tank and has the biggest neck I have seen since James Frawley. I love his penetrating kicks that break opposition lines, his ferocity over the ball and the confidence he showed in his first game. Mark my words – this guy is going to be a big show for the Rising Star this year and is a budding Paul Chapman in the making…..Did I say there is lots of manlove??…well yes there I said it again.
• Garland is quite often maligned and under rated by fellow Dees supporters. But not this one!…..Whilst not in the upper echelons of ‘manlove’ quite just yet – I have always rated Col and on the weekend he went some way to repay my faith. His second half especially was fantastic on Adam Goodes and his game played a critical part in getting us back into the game.
• Moloney, whilst a little slow in the first quarter, tore the game apart as the match went on. I can’t remember the stat off hand but I think I heard somewhere that he had 34, 589 contested possessions on Sunday (give or take a few).
• The Dean Bailey and Ricky Petterd show…..Bails’ use of the new sub rule worked a treat as Ricky came on in the last quarter and had a huge impact on the game. Bailey definitely had the better of ‘Horse’ Longmire in his tactical use of the new rule.
• The entire squad of 22……I made the comment during the game that I cannot remember a Melbourne side that had as many numbers at the ball and around the stoppages as I had seen on the weekend. The endeavour shown by the boys even caused me some unwanted blood flow such was my excitement!
Now we look ahead to this Sunday’s game against the Hawks. Another tough game awaits as both teams will be desperate to have their first win for the season. Both Luke Hodge and James Frawley have been named by their respective teams and their inclusion of will have a big impact on the result of the game. Am I confident??….yes somewhat….a bit like when a mate sets you up on a blind date….you know he is going to ‘look after’ you but on the other hand – well you just never know!!


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