On a hot night in Darwin

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On a hot night in Darwin

On a hot humid night in Darwin the Melbourne players put in an extraordinary effort against Port to play and persist and win in energy sapping conditions. A very even performance from all the team was highlighted by the continuing good form of Davey, Jamar, Frawley, Green and Bennell.  It was great to see Miller return with a bag of goals and young Jetta get involved in much of the play.  Trengove again demonstrated his maturity when he and Miller made sure that the last ball up was rushed through for the winning point!  We are watching the building of a remarkable young team.  What a pleasure!  The MFC is clearly building support in the NT.  The crowd was dominated by Dees supporters and there were plenty of MFC Guernseys to be seen around the boundary fence.

Also in Darwin

Jimmy was there to support the team and to lend the support of the club to tackling key Aboriginal health issues.  Aaron Davey and Liam Jurrah have joined forces with local health authorities to try to eliminate trachoma, an eye disease that can cause blindness.  Aaron and Liam will be ambassadors for the initiative headed up by Professor Hugh Taylor which aims to eliminate the infectious disease prevalent only in Aboriginal communities.  Currently 30 to 40,000 indigenous kids have this disease today, so it’s a pretty serious situation,” Davey said from Darwin on Saturday.  “Myself, being a role model indigenous guy, I just want to help drive [the healthy lifestyle message] in the communities. It’s special to myself and Liam to know that the Melbourne footy club is really getting behind it – it means a lot.”   “This is really being led by Aaron and Liam. We don’t want to impose ourselves, but rather say to them ‘what’s possible?’,” Stynes said.


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