Pet rocks, Rubik’s cubes, lava lamps, bell bottoms …

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By Darren Spence

I grew up in the 70s.  An era of pet rocks, Rubik’s cubes, lava lamps, bell bottoms and the Dees getting smacked every other week. This made school yard banter a nightmare as I was always a source of constant ribbing about the side I adored. Luckily back then all we had really was shows like ‘The Winners’ for people to actual see us get belted.

How times have changed.

Now every game is either live or available on full replay and dissected on the myriad of TV shows and on social media at unprecedented levels. Why is this important?…Even though we have enjoyed sustained periods of success since the 70s (albeit not winning the big one) I still have flashbacks to my childhood era whenever a Dees game is front and centre and hope the football public (read my old schoolyard) give us the credit and acknowledge us as a good side.

Last Friday night was a perfect example.

Up against last year’s grand finalists and in cracking form, the Dees crippled with injuries, 4th game in 18 days would my schoolyard mates be revelling in my misery once again on our only Friday night game of the year?……It started ominously……The Swans kept us in the game in the first quarter with bad conversion and we actually held the lead at quarter time – due solely to our better efficiency inside 50. From there on it became quite apparent that this wasn’t going to be our night as our boys looked flat and our lack of key personnel took its toll and we were outplayed to lose by 35 points.

It could have been worse…..With Viney not returning after half time, the Dees of old would have lost by 10 goals plus. Even the staunchest anti Melbourne school yard bully would be hard pressed not to pay credit to the way the guys fought out the game and, even with a loss, the team hasn’t lost credibility in the football world.

Not so if you read the media this week.

Last week we were world beaters. This week we have an endemic cultural problem. Yes a few incidents happened but I am not buying the whole “chicken hawk” thing. They need to sell papers I get it……We will be fine. Our leadership group is strong and so are our coaches.

Back to Friday night and Hibberd was again great. He was our best player on the night and helped weather the Swans’ attacks picking up 33 touches. Oliver (who spent the first 15 minutes on the bench – a coincidence?….I don’t think so), finished with 24 disposals and Tom McDonald continues to enhance his reputation as the ultimate tall swingman with 19 possessions, 6 marks and 2 goals. We didn’t get the points and I walked away disappointed but we are still entrenched in the top 8 with an important tilt to the finals ahead.

This starts on Sunday. Up against the Blues with more wounded than the Battle of Stalingrad it’s going to be another challenge. They too are a young side looking to make their way up the ladder and what better way to show them the pecking order and make amends for our shock loss against them last year than beating them on the weekend?

Go Dees


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