Premiership #13… it’s there for the taking.

September 24, 2021 by
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Nigel Dawe

I was inclined to write absolutely nada, more through not wanting to do this crystal moment in time a disservice, or some kind of reflective injustice – as we’re into a Grand Final, and on the very cusp of a Melbourne Demons premiership; something I’ve had pegged, for so long, as a life highlight ‘when that day’ finally arrived … well that day is incredibly, discernibly, and immaculately… very near upon us.

One of my favourite theorists, Roland Barthes once said: “The writer is the prey of an inner god that speaks at all times.” For mine, I’d never be audacious enough to ever reference being in possession of any such self-residing deity, however – I can’t say the same thing about that ever pacing, flame-eyed inner demon of mine, that speaks at all times.

After having seen our boys ascend the ‘mountaintop’ twice, only to come up heart-breakingly and engulfingly short (in ’88 and 2000) … 2021 feels different, much different. There are so many facets and fundamentally ‘pure’ footy things that are presenting and co-aligning for us, it almost feels like destiny. Just take Gawny’s after the siren goal to claim the minor premiership, which will surely be referenced and resurrected in discussion for as long as our code of footy is played!

But having reflected upon and observed every nuance of this sport and club for so long, I know there is no such thing as an ‘assured’ fairy tale, however the greatest fairy tales are the ones you earn, trust in, never let go of, deeply wish for, and yet are never quite able to foretell; because the great stories in life only ever become ‘realised’ fairy tales in the fantastic glow of hindsight, never in the expectant haze of hope.

On that note, absolutely rest assured (contrary to the witless static doing the rounds) THERE IS NO Norm Smith curse, and if he were still alive (having passed away in 1973) he’d be quick to correct such a ridiculous blasphemy; because no one – no one – bled, loved, felt, did, wished for, or thought more about this grand old club than he (having had involvement in 10 of our club’s 12 premierships, says it all).

And I’m certain, he’s looking down from that great MCG in the sky (with his red and blue scarf on) alongside the equally revered figures of Jimmy Stynes and Robbie Flower, all wishing us nothing but the best, and the ultimate success.

Similarly, all thoughts and deepest admiration for our other number 2 wearing warrior – Nathan Jones, his ‘larger than life’ example, playing career, love of club and graciousness is another of the stars that are aligning to make this season so special, and one that we’ll truly never forget. As such, I’ll be wearing my Melbourne guernsey with a bold number 2 on its back come Grand Final day, as a tribute to this unforgettable stalwart of the red and blue!

I could waffle on and parrot old stats and facts from bygone eras about this proud founding club of ours, but I won’t; it’s all about the right here and now… because claiming premiership number 13 (the devil’s number itself) is what it’s all about… and quite frankly, it’s all about our Demon players of 2021, and making their own history… after 57 long years between drinks… So just go out there boys and do as our finals slogan says: “Give ‘em Hell!!’

Or, as the greatest football coach in all of world sport – Vince Lombardi, once roared to his all-conquering Green Bay Packer troops:
“Want it; desire it; earn it; take it!”


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