Pride in our Team – Another Great Win

January 26, 2022 by
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Round 3 – Melbourne v St Kilda

Jacqui Parry

Our Pride Round game against the Saints is always a tough one, and this year was no exception. The Saints really lift themselves for this game every year, and matched us on the score board for the first three quarters.

Lucky we had the coolest Pride Guernsey in the league – as the team needed a bit of cool to charge over the Saints in the last quarter. In 30+degree heat (again) our guernsey bobbed up like a refreshing slice of watermelon – I wonder if the team was thinking of that as they fought through the heat??

It was a tough game, but our forwards led by Tayla Harris and Kate Hore managed to keep the scoreboard ticking over – and who could forget that massive Lauren Pearce goal (celebration of the century) ?? A captains goal to Daisy really topped the day off. Sinead Goldrick teamed well with Megan Fitzsimon for her debut goal. Eliza West showed ferocity at the ball for four quarters.

Gabbi Colvin worked really hard with Libby Birch tp keep the Saints out of their goal and the Dees in the game as Karen Pxman and Sarah Lampard fired up the midfield. Tyla Hanks was in everything and deserved her two majors. Hoping Megan Fitzsimon bears no long term effects of her spectacular injury – I hope her parents were not watching the blood streaming down her face.

Next week will be a tough clash against top of table Crows. Hoping the squad recovers well from the heat of Casey Fields as they will need to be in the game from the get go to get over the Crows.

Wishing our women a safe and successful trip to Adelaide – hoping they have time to get their hair done a buy a new frock as Adelaide is a great place to do that!!

Tegan and Krstel did a great job on our Pride Guernsey. It looked fantastic on the ground and up close. I loved the addition of the fingerprints of the players, which ensures the guernsey is owned by every player who has the opportunity to wear it. This is such a great design, I am hoping that the men also adopt this concept for the Pride Round – different finger prints of course – but overall design is really great and looked fantastic on telly.

Great to see our Mascots supporting the team and the Ruby Dees at Casey – they really brought our team home in the last quarter.

Pride in our Team - Another Great Win
Pride in our Team - Another Great Win


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