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Raid Your Piggy Bank – Darren Spence

Thursday 16 August 2012

Everybody look between couch, raid your piggy bank, find every spare dollar you have and donate it to the 100% Melbourne Fund as the game on the weekend again highlighted the fact that we need another key forward as we embark on our quest to be ‘The Masters of the MCG’.  Look I personally do not think that Travis Cloke will leave the Pies but imagine a forward line containing Clark, Cloke and LJ in 2013!!!!…….That’s gotta be worth an extra 10,000 members in itself!

I shouldn’t have to highlight how frustrating it can be following Melbourne and in case anyone did forget, have a look at the replay of Saturday’s game.  We kicked our first goal at 16mins into the second quarter and went into half time with only two goals on the board yet at that stage we had more of the ball and more inside 50s than the Saints.  The boys worked so hard to get the ball into an attacking area but without the key personnel on the park their collective hard work continued to go unrewarded.

Our third quarter started promisingly and I was Big Kev excited when the Dees were within a kick.  But then we were blown away in the blink of an eye and before I could even finish my beer we were 50 points down and out of the game.  To the boys’ credit they did fight back with eight last quarter goals but this just added to the frustration as once again the Demons failed to string four quarters together.  And as we have seen time and time again this invariably results in a loss.  They say you can’t buy experience in a shop and the Saints had collectively more than 1200 AFL games experience than our players on the park on the weekend.   This ongoing mismatch is something that the 100% Melbourne Fund is looking to address.

So we lost by 25 points but we did have some performances that warrant a mention:

  • Our co-captain (and NSW Demons sponsored player I might add) Jack Grimes is having his best season to date.  After 32 games in 4 years Jack has played 18 games this season and on Saturday it was one of his best games in the Red and Blue.  Spending much of his time in the midfield he was our leading possession getter with 29.
  • Sammy Blease – one of my favourite players on our list – had a blinder with 5 goals and now enjoys bragging rights with Jordie Gysberts by joining an exclusive club with having two Rising Star nominations.  I love watching Sammy play – his speed is electrifying and he is one of a burgeoning number of exciting players on the Melbourne Footy Club list.
  • Nathan Jones did what Nathan Jones has done all season and picked up 26 touches while I was impressed with the way James Sellar competed through the course of the game and finished with two goals and probably should have had more.
  • Joel Macdonald played arguably his best game in the red and blue and racked up 27 possessions whilst other members of our leadership group in Jack Trengove and Jared Rivers all put in solid performances.

This week it is GWS in a game that the boys will be fired up for.  Our travelling record is as bad as the Togo ski jump team but feelings will be running high with the desertion of Tom Scully still burning deep inside.  It looks like Lukey Tapscott will be playing this time around…..Memo to Mark Neeld……please please play him on Tom Scully!!

Go Dees


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