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By Darren Spence

Last week saw the Demons parade themselves on the big stage of Friday Night football.  Unfortunately the game mirrored reading a copy of Hansard as a spectacle but with an injury list that has the World Health Organisation contemplating issuing a hazard warning at AAMI Park it is hardly surprising that the game was such a dour affair.  With everything seemingly going against the Demons at the moment, the fact that we were still in touch at half time gives us the glimpses of hope for that which we are so desperately searching.
Let’s look at some of the highlights…….
Jetta – he was very lively early and continues to tackle hard.  He has been a solid improver this year and hopefully he can string some good performances together as he has his chance now with all of our outs.
Watts – Killer is going from strength to strength at present.  He was used by Bailey as an extra defender and picked possessions up at will.  He has played at least 6 games in a row in our best I reckon and I am loving watching every minute of him.
Bennell – Great to see Jamie back.  He played a fantastic game on the dangerous Garlett and definitely can hold his head up high after the weekend.
McKenzie – Jordie has taken off from where he left last year – leading our tackle count.  He is a tough nut and boy have we missed him in our engine room.
MacDonald – In Joel’s 100th AFL game he finished with a game high possession count for the Demons.  He marked well and applied a high level of pressure.
Martin – Stef has definitely stepped up (as has been mentioned before).  Without a doubt our most improved player this year.  He had a career high hit out count and presented himself around the ground.  If there can ever be a good thing that has come out of the Russian going down then Stef Martin is the silver lining.
Sylvia – quickly becoming Colin’s most consistent year as he continues to be hard at the ball and led the team for contested possessions on the night.
Manlove 1 update – sadly still confined to the rehab room at AAMI Park.
Manlove 2 update – Another solid game by the Gys.  Clearly had more influence on the game than Brock which brought a huge smile to my face.  He spent some time tagging some of the Blues elite midfielders which augurs well for his experience and future development.
Eyeballing Evans – not as eye catching as his debut but Michael tackled hard and like Jordan spent some time on Judd, Murphy et al and as the say in racing parlance….’he will be better for the run’.
Jones – another player arguably playing his best season, Nathan continues to win plenty of the hard ball and his physicality at the ball has gone up on previous years.
Jimma – watching big Jim belting out tunes with Russ Robertson and ONJ just has to get a mention.  It is fair to say though it is the most uncomfortable I have ever seen Big Jimma on the MCG….But I don’t think he will mind me saying that.
We look forward now to another Friday Night game and again against one of the big Victorian teams.  With Dermie’s and Mitch Robinson’s words still ringing in their ears I for one cannot wait to see the response this week against the Bombers.  Nothing cuts more to the bone than to be called ‘soft’ and I have no doubt that the Demons will come out all guns blazing come Friday.  The game can’t come soon enough………


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