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Last week:

Jordan Gysberts demonstrated in only his 2nd game and for the 2nd week in a row that he will be a dynamic addition to the Dees on ball brigade.  Captain Junior McDonald was once again a model of consistency along with Cameron Bruce who plays a sublimely skilled game that is easily overlooked.  And while consistency is not yet there across the playing group, each week we see the players improve as they get to know each other and how they play the game.  Patience is a virtue!

This week:

Cale Morton and Matthew Bate will continue to improve as they play more games after returning from injury.  We welcome Frawley back into the team this week along with Jordie McKenzie, Lynden Dunn and Paul Johnson.  I am looking forward to seeing McKenzie join Scully, Trengove and Gysberts (if fit) in the dream midfield rotation and Dunn replicate, in the AFL, his stunning form at Casey – 8 goals last week!  Unfortunately Junior will miss with a hamstring injury and we will miss his onfield leadership.  Injury clouds over a few players including Jones, Sylvia and Gysberts make it difficult to know who will make up the final 22 on Monday.  Three players will be omitted from the extended bench that includes Garland, Morton, Gysberts, Jones, Watts, Johnson and Bennell.

I am going to Melbourne for this traditional match and will enjoy watching the Dees take on Collingwood after walking with thousands of other Melbourne supporters from Federation Square to the ‘G’.  See you there.

Melbourne team:

B: Bartram, Warnock, Frawley
HB: Bruce, Rivers, Grimes
C: Sylvia, Trengove, Scully
HF: Jetta, Bate, Dunn
F: Green, Miller, Davey
F: Jamar, Moloney, McKenzie
I/C (from): Garland, Morton, Gysberts, Jones, Watts, Johnson, Bennell
In: Johnson, Dunn, Frawley, McKenzie
Out: McDonald (Hamstring)

Media Coverage:


The game will be telecast on Channel Ten on Monday at 2.00pm on Monday 14th June.  Join other Demons supporters and watch the game on the Big Screen at the Camelia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Rd, Alexandria.  Ph:02 9516 5611  Check out for more information.

As always enjoy your weekend and Go Dees.



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