Round 13

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Last week
You know it is funny sometimes that no matter how many things change some things seem to stay the same. Slow starts to game…..tick! Smashed at AAMI stadium…..tick! Last weeks’ game was so disappointing on both these fronts……probably up there with the Eagles game as the most disappointing game this year. So what can we say about last weeks’ game??? Surely nobody was surprised that after the Jamar/Moloney Psychic Friends Connection had been talked up so much over the last fortnight that Adelaide would subject Beamer to a smothering tag and we were much worse for it. Surely opposition coaches were sitting on their couch going “ahh, there’s an idea”, and his future is to be tagged relentlessly for the rest of the season! And for the rest of the game HOW MANY PLAYERS FELL OVER!!……I know they like to protect their feet but why on earth they weren’t wearing stops after it had been raining for days in Adelaide is beyond me.

Now for 5 positives from the game:
1. Bate and Dunn both can hold their collective heads high for solid performances up front
2. Grimes, Scully and Trengove showed great commitment and courage and set the standard for the rest of the team
3. Frawley again played a great game and was one of very few players that beat his opponent on the day
4. Watts continues to show improvement each and every week
5. We now only have to play 1 more game at AAMI stadium this year.


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