Round 3 Match Review

April 16, 2011 by
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By Darren Spence
Melbourne v Brisbane – This week’s review comes from the wonderful shores of Bali (which was always going to be a good omen) from where I watched the game live with 10 other Melbourne supporters…That’s right 10!! In the past we would be lucky to get that number of supporters to an away game in Hobart let alone in a whole new country. And a good omen it did turn out to be.

But as always seems to be the case with Melbourne, the game threw up all kinds of highlights and low lights. Whilst I will never begrudge a win, Sunday’s performance reminded me of shanking a chip along the ground and ricocheting off an opponent’s ball and into the cup – well of course you will take it but it didn’t look pretty and you sure aren’t going to brag about it. Four points is exactly that and these players warrant special attention:
• LJ – I just love watching him play!!…..he truly is an excitement machine and you can almost feel the collective holding of supporters’ breath when he goes near the ball. His 5 goals on the weekend set up the win which now sees him with an enviable record of kicking 4 or more goals in seven of his 20 career games to date.
• Moloney – Beamer is sure to be leading the Bluey at this early stage of the year. Once again he led the team in overall possessions and contested possessions. Let’s hope his indiscretion during the week does not put a dampener on his fine early season form.
• Rivers – ‘Old Man’ played arguably the best game I have seen him play. He is well and truly back to his Rising Star form.
• Tapscott -manlove update – Luke had another strong game down in defence, picking up many strong tackles and ending up with a more than serviceable 23 possessions.
• Gysberts – now I am going out on a limb here (and I hope that Luke doesn’t get too jealous) but – call me a slut – but I now have two manlove crushes. I have always been a fan of the Gys and on the weekend he reminded me why! In his four games to date he is averaging in the mid 20s for disposal – an awesome effort from the youngster and you can rest assured you will be getting many more updates from my second manlove over the course of the year.
• Bail – Rohan has been highly impressive this year. He has been given ‘runwith’ roles and has been more than admirable in his performance. His disposal has improved out of sight and he has a large engine which enables him to run all day. He more than shut down the dangerous Luke Power on Sunday which paved the way for a Dees win.
• Martin – what a start to the season for this man!…Being fully fit and brimming with confidence Stef has been a revelation this year and now is becoming a crucial member of our side and back up to Jamar.
• The forward line – how awesome was it to see LJ, Aussie, Flash and Jamie all in the forward line at once? And whilst Davey was getting more attention than Colonel Gaddafi it was pumping my adrenaline to see all the indigenous boys down front. Aussie had a great first game back as well and I can’t wait to see more of him this year.
• Apologies to Jamar, Jones, Frawley, Grimes, Garland and Sylvia who also had great games and comfortably beat their respective opponents.
This week sees us up against the new kids on the block at the Gabba. I must admit I am nervous as this has been the type of game we would drop in the past. Plus our away form rivals that of the Cambodian cricket team. All this aside I am expecting a big win which will see us sitting pretty going into the following weeks bye.


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