Round 3

April 9, 2010 by
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Exciting news this week with the return of Sylvia and possibly Garland for his first game after being out with injury for over a year. Play with the same level of intensity as last week and we should be in for a good game this week.

The Team:


Backs: Warnock, Frawley, Bennell

Half backs: McDonald, MacDonald, Dunn

Centreline: Bail, Trengove, Davey

Half forwards: Green, Sylvia, Bruce

Forwards: Scully, Petterd, Bartram

Followers: Jamar, Grimes, Moloney

I/C From: Garland, McKenzie,Jones,Newton, Bate, Cheney, Spencer

The match between Melbourne and Adelaide is on Sunday 11 April at 1.10pm and wil be telecast live on Fox Sports One.

Join us to watch the game at the Camelia Grove Hotel, Henderson Road, Alexandria.

See you there.


NSW Demons


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