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In the annals of history a week is a long time. Just look at last week – we had 3 monumental and world changing events, all in the period of seven days. First the Commonwealth welcomed in a new Princess, the world’s most wanted man was finally tracked down and killed and by far the world’s most talked about event from last week – the Demons smashed the Crows by 96 points!…Big Jimma claimed that this was our best win in 3 years and I think there is no doubting that.

Let’s look at some of the highlights…
Bartram – Clint had a great game! He shut ex-Demon Scott Thompson out of the game and applied plenty of pressure throughout the match.
Flash – Flash played like we know and love. By far this was his best game for the season.
Green – a welcome return to form by Greeny! His jumper hugging after he kicked that goal sent shivers down my spine!! Welcome back Skipper!!
Maric – well and truly Addam’s best game for the Dees!!! Over 30 possessions is an awesome effort in anyone’s language. I am very happy for him as it is often told that he had probably the best pre-season of any player this year.
Moloney – Beamer is going from strength to strength!!….Quite conceivably he could have 12 Brownlow votes at this stage of the season!! His clearance figure of 19 is the 2nd best in the history of stats monitoring and is unbelievable. His connection with the big Russian is outstanding and the two of them undoubtedly are the best ruck/clearance combo in the league at the moment.
Petterd – I have to say I have been wondering why Ricky hasn’t been in our best 22 over the past few weeks. He was awesome on the weekend and his four goals should see him entrenched in the team.
Manlove 1 update – Luke continues to impress. His attacks on the ball and player are ferocious and his long kicking is penetrating and dangerous. He is a revelation!!
Manlove 2 update – another solid game from Jordan. Every game he plays he looks more and more at home at this level.
Watts – how exciting is this bloke!!! Jack is starting to string good games together and again he impressed on the weekend. His contested marking, pressure and running was fantastic. He is going to be a superstar!!!

Now we look ahead to the next game. Following the jubilation of Sunday’s win came the let down with some terrible news during the week. First Grimes is injured for the rest of the year and Spencer needs a reco. Trengove is cited for tackling and given 3 weeks and to top it all off the big Russian is out for 4 to 6 weeks with a bung knee!!

This all makes it tougher this week against a team that we haven’t beaten in what seems like decades and at a ground where our past form is even worse. But this week in many ways is more important that last week. We need to show the world that last week was not just an apparition and a reaction to our poor showing out West. We need to show the world that we are on the way up. The whole world is watching the Dees – come on boys don’t let us down.


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