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This week

Join us at the Camelia Grove Hotel at 7.30pm this Friday night to watch on the Big Screen Melbourne take on Footscray in our first and only Friday night game for the year.  It will be also an opportunity to see the Field of Women made up of 14,000 people, the majority women, stand on the MCG turf to form an enormous pink lady – the motif of Breast Cancer Network Australia – to raise awareness and funds. The game will then be telecast live on Foxtel.

Three changes to the team this week with Danny Hughes, Jordie McKenzie and Paul Johnson coming into the side to play the Bulldogs.  Ricky Petterd is injured and probably out for the year and Joel Macdonald and Stef Martin have been omitted.  Jordie McKenzie will add to that zip and ferocious tackling in the midfield after a week’s rest and Johnson will have another opportunity to demonstrate his talents in the ruck and around the ground.

Hughes is coming off the rookie list for Petterd and is a like for like replacement.  Hughes is almost the same height and build and a good overhead marking forward!  He is making his debut after five years on and off the MFC playing list.  You have to wish him well and hope that both his and the MFC’s persistence are well rewarded.

The team
Melbourne Team
: Bruce, Warnock, Frawley
Half backs: McDonald, Garland, Bartram
Centreline: Trengove, McKenzie, Rivers
Half forwards: Green, Sylvia, Dunn
Forwards: Jones, Bate, Davey
Followers: Jamar, Grimes, Moloney
I/C: Bennell, Johnson, Scully, Hughes
Emg: MacDonald, Jetta, Newton

See you at The Cammy – Camellia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Rd, Alexandria – and Go Dees.



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