Round 9 Match Review by Darren Spence

May 27, 2011 by
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Another game at Etihad and another loss. I don’t know about you but I reckon we should petition to say that we play every game at the MCG. After all we are the traditional and spiritual owners of the ground and as every game we play at the ‘G” highlights, we are the ‘MASTERS OF THE MCG’. Somehow I don’t think we will get my wish but we will need to find a way it to win away and we need to find it soon. I read somewhere that during Dean Bailey’s tenure we have a win success rate against other Victorian clubs of 8% and nearly all of the wins have been against Richmond. I am sure the brains trust are working on ways of overcoming this telling statistic. Alas this last weekend did nothing to arrest this.

Last week we did put in a spirited contest for three quarters when our burgeoning injury list began to take its toll. I lost count of how many times our shots for goal in the 2nd quarter were cut off on the line. We managed to dominate clearances throughout the game and at 3 qtr time we were leading all the key indices of tackles, contested footy, inside 50s and clearances. Now let’s look at some of the highlights from the Dees perspective.

Green – the skipper has put in two fine games in a row now and is starting to get back to the form we know and love. He has his kicking boot on again and completely dominated his well credentialed opponent in Nick Del Santo.

Manlove 1 update – some American crackpot claimed the world was ending over the weekend. Well for me my world ended in the back pocket half way through the 2nd quarter. Seeing Luke grasp his hamstring after kicking the ball must go down as one of the great football tragedies of the season. We will surely miss his aggression and drive out of defence and I for one will be counting the days till he is back in the red and blue. Let’s hope that his days recovering are few – we sure as hell do not need any more injuries!

Manlove 2 – on a more positive note the Gys played a ripper game and was arguably our best player. He has great disposal, is constantly winning his own hard ball and his physicality is improving every week.

Eyeballing Evans – in the absence of a Manlove 1 update for the foreseeable future I thought it might be prudent to spotlight another up and coming youngster. What better player than Michael Evans who debuted on the weekend. Evans played like he was a 100 game veteran and 27 possessions and 5 tackles is an impressive game in anyone’s standards let alone a debut. I look forward to writing more glowing reports on him throughout the year.

Indigenous update – in tribute to the indigenous round I thought it might be apt to look at the good games of our indigenous brothers. Jetta played a pretty good game on the weekend. Close behind was LJ who finished with 3 goals in another dangerous game.

Martin – Stef continues to rise to any challenge given to him. He surely must now be our most improved player this year. The fact we dominated centre clearances is a testament to his game on the weekend.

Jones – in his 100th game for the club Jonesy put in another stellar performance. His seven inside 50s shows just how damaging he was on the day.

McKenzie – just how good was it to see Jordie back? We have missed his grunt work at the clearances and his tackling is top shelf. He will be good for the run and we certainly need him up and firing in our team.

Rivers – Jared played another solid game down back and had the better of his opponents throughout the day.

Beamer – This man is on fire this year! Again he led the clearances for us on the day and his work around the stoppages is A grade. He is showing that without Jamar he is still one of the best clearance players in the league.

Warnock – Matty played arguably his best game for the club. He collected a career high number of possessions and won the vast majority of contests against his opponents on the day.

Watts – Like Big Kev used to say….’I am excited! Played in a variety of roles on the weekend Killer handled all of them with aplomb. His decision making continues to bring more than a smile to my face and he is getting better and better every week.

This week we look towards our first Friday night game for the year against the Blues. I for one am looking forward to seeing how we rise to the challenge. The game will also be memorable for being Brock McLean’s first game against his old club. I love reminding my Carlton friends that the Blues gave up pick 11 for Brock……and who did we draft?……none other than Manlove 2!!….What a deal that was! Also the game will be memorable for another Demon with the debut of Daniel Nicholson. A debut on the big stage of a Friday night game is a boyhood dream. We wish him all the best for a great game and promising future in the Red and Blue.


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