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Join the NSW Demons in Sydney to watch the first game of 2014 when the new look Demons take on the Saints on Saturday night.

As always we begin the season with enthusiasm and the excitement of watching footy again after many months building anticipation.

And why shouldn’t we? We’ve got a good bloke coaching the club, a good bloke managing the club and a good bloke presiding over the club! We’ve got a good young bunch of blokes who want to play good footy! And we’ve got the best, most rusted on and loyal supporters in the game!

Can we win the first game? I hope so, I think so but most of all I’m looking forward to watching the players enjoying their footy, competing for the ball, trusting their teammates and playing as a team.

The team
B: Dean Terlich, James Frawley, Jack Grimes
HB: Lynden Dunn, Tom McDonald, Bernie Vince
C: Jimmy Toumpas, Jack Watts, Dom Tyson
HF: Rohan Bail, Jack Fitzpatrick, Daniel Cross
F: Shannon Byrnes, Cam Pedersen, Jeremy Howe
FOLL: Jake Spencer, Nathan Jones, Jack Trengove
I/C: Viv Michie, Matt Jones, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Alex Georgiou
EMG: Daniel Nicholson, Sam Blease, Michael Evans

When: 7.40 pm on Saturday 22 March
Where: Camelia Grove Hotel, 146 Henderson Rd, Alexandria.

See you at the Cammy and Go Dees

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