Have we seen the last of our Achilles Heel?

July 28, 2017 by
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by Darren Spence

Social Media in today’s world is ubiquitous. Hardly a day goes by without people checking their Facebook account, uploading a photo to Instagram or Tweeting off a comment.

It allows us to keep up to date with all the happenings in the world and gives license to people to invoke their first amendment right and tell everyone how they feel. And didn’t Dees fans let everybody know how they felt after last Saturday’s game!

I know that someone of the vehement venting that was put out there is not immune to other clubs (look at what Issac Smith copped!) and a little part of me admires their passion, but gee some supporters have short memories and heaven forbid social media wasn’t around in the early 80s when we lost basically every game.

However some of the personal attacks I read about our players, coaching staff and the committee left a bitter taste in my mouth on what was already a disappointing night last Saturday.

All year our achilles heel has been our slow starts and so it was in Darwin as the Crows blew the game away to what turned out to be a match winning lead of 35 points at the first break. You can’t give starts like that away to Nurmakah 3rds let alone an AFL side on top of the ladder and I am sure Goodwin and co will be working hard to identify and alleviate this deficiency in our game.

It’s frustrating to watch as the boys fought back hard into the game and after Hunt’s long bomb on the 3 quarter time siren we were back in it but alas it wasn’t to be and Adelaide ran out well deserved winners inflicting our first interstate loss for the year and leaving us with a perilous grip on a spot in the 8.

Up forward we struggled all night, no disrespect to Jake Melksham intended, but if he is our main goal scorer with 3 and our only multiple goal scorer we just aren’t going to win many games. Conversely, the much vaunted attack of the Crows got the upper hand on our defense and it was actually pretty difficult to find a Melbourne player that was a winner on the night.

Vince certainly had the better of Sloane although sadly another undisciplined act will see him on the sidelines for a couple of weeks. Both Hibberd and Hunt provided good drive out of defence, Lewis was our highest ball winner with 33 touches and JKH and ANB both impressed on what can only be described as a forgettable night for the Mighty Dees.

This weekend we have a chance to atone the defeat up against the other South Australian side in the Power. We are back at the ‘G, it looks like we will have a few key players back and it is a great opportunity to play against another top side.

There are only 6 games left and every one of them is critical and I am sure the boys will be fired up for a win and all the keyboard warriors out there will have reverted back to singing the praises of the team we love come Saturday afternoon.

Go Dees


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