Silver service and how to support a rising star!

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James Harmes – rising star!

How exciting to see James nominated for the rising star this week.  Excellent reward for the hard work over the last 2 years.  What a good time to join our sponsorship group, support James and be in the running for one of the rewards exclusive to sponsors. Become a sponsor

Silver Service at Metricon Stadium – by Jacqui Parry

I know, we shouldn’t  get too carried away – but didn’t the lads play a blinder on Saturday at Metricon stadium!!!

Sharing the love in front of goals – Cameron Pederson, Jeff Garlett and James Harmes with triple treats, Big Maxy, Nathan Jones, Ben Kennedy, Christian Petracca and Jack Viney with a double each, and Jesse Hogan, Dean Kent, Billy Stretch, Dom Tyson and Bernie Vince with the cherries on top.

Silver Service all the way from the centre bounce, and don’t you just love that Petracca Strut!!!
Jack Viney was at blistering pace. Jetta and Jeffy were soooooo DEADLY really hitting their targets. Jesse Hogan didn’t kick seven goals this week but he monstered everyone who crossed his path. Bernie Vince might still look like a freckle faced sixteen year old but he has shouldered a man-sized load for us since he came across the border.

Not much was reported on the role of our backmen, ‘cos we all get so excited about the goals, but I think they were sensational. Tom MacDonald did a great job, ….. and what a captains game Nathan Jones…

Lovely to see so many of our players get the AFLCA  votes for the game. Might make for a bit of heart ache at the B&F dinner.

Doggies next week – bit more of a challenge – but we are up to it.

Jacqui Merlin and Sugar.



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