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Jacqui Parry

I so miss the sounds of the footy – the “Ding!! Ding!!” of the tram – the youngsters shouting “Get Yer Footy Record!!” – the buzz of the crowd and the heart beat “Boom Boom!! Boom Boom!! ” before the game starts – the sound of the siren and the crowd roaring at the bounce of the ball. The groan of our supporters if we miss a goal (well it sometimes does happen). The elation when we kick truly. The cheers and the jeers over the umpiring decisions.

Robbo MC’ing the quarter time programs (so miss Robbo). That funny music they play at half-time when the camera persons are trying to catch someone sound asleep. And most of all…………….. the sound of the bugle when that young chap in the flash velvet jacket rises in the Members Stand (BEFORE THE SIREN SOUNDS!!!!) ‘cos we are flogging the opposition in the dying minutes of the game and then………………………….

“It’s a Grand Old Flag – It’s a High Flying Flag – It’s the Emblem for me and for you!!!
It’s the emblem of – the team we love – the team of the red and they blue!!
Every heart beats true for the red and the blue as we sing this song to you!!!
Should auld acquaintance be forgot – keep your eye on the red and the blue!!!

(Awkward musical interlude) Repeat the above over and over till you fall down or get knocked down as the opposition supporter trudge out of the G.

Melbourne Supporters Can’t Sing – You Kitten Me??!! – That’s a Furphy!!

Even Pet Supporters can sing that song!

Bring back the sounds of footy – get Furphy to sponsor a special webpage just so we can show those other teams how loud we really can sing and shout. Give us some little buttons to press so we can hear those much loved sounds again.

What about the roar of the crowd during the finals series in 2018 – especially with Mitch Hannan (The Cassowary) was sprinting down the wing – BANG!! Goal!! (I was there – sensational)

Lets get Tribal on line – for the DEES!!


Jacqui Parry, Merlin and Sugar
Proud Player Sponsors of MFC Captain Max Gawn No. 11
Equally Proud Player Sponsors of Jackie Parry No.19
Go Dees!!! Go Gawny!!! Go Jackie!!


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