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Where here in Jakarta families go to the pub to share a quiet family lunch with their kids in the hope of some peace and quiet on a lazy Sunday away from the hustle and bustle of a busy week in this crazy metropolis that makes up Jakarta.

I apologize to each and every one of these families by shattering their dreams on Sunday with my constant yelling and screaming – being the sole occupant in the enormous sports bar failed to mask my initial frustrations and ultimate glee as the mighty Demons won another close game against my much despised team in Caarlton.

No doubt this was always a danger game. Notwithstanding our burgeoning injury list the Blues have been in some decent form lately and early on it did look ominous as once again we started slowly and conceded the first 3 goals of the game.

Carlton supporters will look to 2 key injuries in the 2nd quarter as an excuse for their loss, and whilst there may be some credence to this argument, we have suffered similar fates in almost every game this year, so I am not going to shed a tear for them and our ability to grind out our second close win in a row speaks volumes for our developing maturity and belief as a group.

Tom McDonald was once again a match winner with 4 goals. They often say strength comes through adversity and without the injuries to Hogan, Spencer and Gawn then McDonald would more than likely have spent the entire year on the big gorilla forwards. Now we have the flexibility for him to also be the same gorilla up in front and he certainly has been a revelation this year. Furthermore it has allowed the fast tracking of the development of blokes like his brother Oscar and Sam Frost as well Pedersen. Who knows, these injuries may just turn into a blessing in disguise?…..just no more injuries OK?

Neal-Bullen recaptured his early season form and was dangerous with 24 possessions and 2 goals and Oliver took time out from chatting to those lovely Blues supporters to pick up a lazy 29 touches. You can hear St. Kilda supporters let out a collective groan every times Petracca touches the ball and he did that a lot on Sunday getting it 25 times. Last but not least Neville Jetta – the results of games can sometimes come down to one individual contest – and that last play of the game which saw Jetta win the ball is a perfect example of this – Neville is now starting to gain the recognition of the wider football world he deserves and an AA nomination is certainly not out of the equation.

This week we are on the road again on Saturday night. As the only side to have not lost interstate this year the boys will be super keen to keep this record intact and mirror our earlier season win against the Crows.

No further injuries last Sunday is a god send and we will be looking to bring key personnel in this week in what is going to be a cracking game and a 4 quarter performance will guarantee our further entrenchment in the top 8.

Go Dees


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