The happiest man in Jakarta

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The happiest man in Jakarta watching the Mighty Dees thump the Blues by 109 points – results like Sunday’s don’t come along all that often for the Melbourne Football Club.

Darren Spence – our correspondent in Jakarta

Results like Sunday’s don’t come along all that often for the Melbourne Football Club. You have to go back to 2004 to see another one. ‘See’ being the operative word as yours truly had just left Australia to work in the UK and hence I never saw the game. Go back further to the next one and it is now 1993 and where was I? Yep, playing cricket in the UK. The last game I saw live where the Dees won by at least 100 points was in 1991 and I remember it clearly. Princes Park against the Roys and Darren Bennett kicked 8. So on Sunday I was the happiest man in Jakarta watching the Mighty Dees thump the Blues by 109 points!

After a relatively tight first quarter the boys never released the pressure and 22 goals to 4 in the last 3 quarters is about as convincing a win that you can get. I think it is now something like 14 quarters in a row we have won and I am hoping this signals that the game lapses that have haunted us of late is now a thing of the past. I think most AFL supporters would agree that watching the Dees play at the moment we would have to be one of the most exciting teams to watch when on song. High scoring, relentless pressure, contested ball beasts, attacking mindset, there is a lot to like about us.

I know people are saying we have had an easy run but I say that is crap. You can only beat who you play and we have done that convincingly and there are no easy games in the AFL. Look at Geelong and Hawthorn on the weekend? When you win by 109 points you have quite a few goalkickers and so it was on Sunday. 13 individual goalkickers with Melksham with 5, TMac and ANB each with 4 the main contributors. The spread of scoring options available at the moment is a headache for opposition coaches and adds to the excitement of watching our boys play. Other players to impress include Gawn who dominated Kruezer with 44 hitouts and 2 goals, Brayshaw with 24 possessions to go with 11 tackles, Jones had the ball 31 times and Lever had arguably his best game for the club hauling in 8 marks and 27 disposals in what really was a day for the ages for the Mighty Demons.

This week we head up to the Alice to take on the Crows. What better way to shut up the knockers by knocking off Adelaide. We beat them last year away from home and with a growing injury list I see us winning on Sunday to make it 5 in a row and remain firm in the top 4!

Melksham 5
T.MacDonald 4
Jones 3
Lever 2
Brayshaw 1

Oliver 22
Hogan 21
Gawn 18
Petracca 12
Jones 11
T.MacDonald 9
Melksham 9
Salem 7
Garlett 5
Brayshaw 5
Hibberd 4
Harmes 4
Hannan 3
Lever 2
Bugg 1
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1

Lever 5
Brayshaw 4
Neal Bullen 3
Fritsch 2
Oliver 1

Oliver 27
Hogan 26
Petracca 15
Salem 14
Tyson 10
Fritsch 9
Brayshaw 8
Harmes 6
Neal Bullen 6
Lever 6
Hannan 4
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Spargo 1

No change at the top in the Lukey Tapscott with Melksham getting maximum votes in by far his best game of his career. Oliver snuck in for 1 vote in the ANB Rising Star (mainly on the back of playing the game with a broken hand) and takes a 1 vote lead over Hogan.

Go Dees!


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