The pain of losing to Collingwood

June 22, 2018 by
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Darren Spence – our correspondent in Jakarta

Collingwood! The place as a 5 year old I heard swear words for the first time in the outer at Victoria Park. Collingwood! They have the most one eyed supporters I know and growing up in the edge of a Collingwood zoned area I know a few of them! Collingwood! I have had 3 dislocated hips of late and that hurts but it is nothing compared to the pain of losing to Collingwood!

I had supporters that I haven’t seen or spoken to for over 20 years contact me after the game just to rub it in! I hate Collingwood!

On the big stage, with an enormous crowd the boys just couldn’t get it done. It was a disappointing effort and we really didn’t get a look in. Our opposition completely nullified our strengths this year – especially in contested possession and trust Collingwood to play their best game of the season against us. I was gutted on Monday, as I am sure all readers were.

TMac was the standout for us, 6 goals in a losing effort was fantastic, Oliver as usual got plenty of the pill (31 times), Fritsch was great and our co-captains were also servicable in what really was a day I hope to forget.

We are on a different big stage this week. Friday night against the Power. Another massive game with both sides eyeing off a place in the top 4. We have played well against them of late and we will bounce back. Dees to win and store the last game far back in the recesses of our memory.


T Macdonald 5
Oliver 4
Fritsch 3
Jones 2
Viney 1


Oliver 28
Hogan 27
Gawn 18
Jones 15
Brayshaw 14
Melksham 14
Petracca 14
T.MacDonald 12
Salem 11
Lever 7
Garlett 6
Jetta 5
Hibberd 5
Harmes 4
Hannan 4
Fritsch 3
Bugg 3
Neal Bullen 1
O.MacDonald 1
Viney 1


Oliver 4
Fritsch 3
Viney 3
Smith 2
Salem 1


Oliver 37
Hogan 33
Brayshaw 18
Petracca 15
Salem 15
Fritsch 15
Tyson 10
Lever 10
Neal Bullen 7
Harmes 6
Hannan 4
Viney 4
O.MacDonald 3
Bugg 2
Smith 2
Spargo 1

An uncharacteristic quiet day by Hogan has seen Oliver take the lead in both awards.

Go Dees!!


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