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by Darren Spence

I have watched well over 1,000 games of our beloved Dees in my time and I am struggling to find many games where I thought we played a more complete game against a top team (last year’s premiers nonetheless!).

I am sure we probably have.
Perhaps my memory is fading?
Perhaps I just have been crying out for a 4 quarter performance all year?

My memory just doesn’t quite elude me that much that I can’t remember the finals appearances in the late 80s and early 90s where we did indeed play a complete game against good sides but hey that was last CENTURY!

On the weekend it was definitely one of the best performances that I have seen the boys play in years and I think one word summed it up for me PRESSURE.
The sustained pressure was outstanding and definitely put the footy world on notice…I doubt there will be any more claims from Mitch Robinson that Melbourne play “bruise free footy” from here on in.

On Sunday we were on from the opening bounce till the final siren and all players played their individual roles and then some. Some may argue it started before the game with Bugg’s cheeky Instagram post!……Has there ever been a more appropriate surname in VFL/AFL history than “Bugg”?…..He is a serial pest to all opposition sides and supporters alike, I for one am glad he is on our side!

My man love for Michael Hibberd is well known and on the weekend he was BOG. He has just organised our defence so well and is giving great confidence to our young boys down back. He finished with 27 disposals and 11 marks. Oscar McDonald again played a great game drawing high praise from the coach, Sam Frost is growing in confidence with every game and he is becoming a key part of our defensive make up.

Oliver did what Oliver has done all year finishing with 29 touches and 8 tackles, Salem was good, Garlett was a dangerous as always, Lewis led all comers on the disposal sheet, Watts was great until injured and both Pedersen and Tom McDonald played important roles in trying to nullify the hit out advantage by the Dogs and they did it magnificently. To be fair I could have mentioned the whole team…they all deserve praise as the Melbourne Footy Club ran out 57 point winners against last year’s premiers and broke a 10 year hoodoo against the Dogs at Etihad Stadium.

This week it doesn’t get any easier. A six day break over in Perth against another finals aspirant. We will welcome back Gawn with open arms and at this early stage we may be without Jones and Watts.This year we have shown strength through adversity many times and I can’t see Saturday being any different.

It’s time to start thinking about using the ‘F’ word….it’s been a long time since I have mentioned that ‘F’ word and Melbourne in the same sentence. I must admit, however, I have uttered the other ‘F’ word and Melbourne a few times over the years!

It’s going to be a cracker game, another chance to break a hoodoo and reinforce the belief in long suffering supporters that we are the real deal!


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